It's just the coffee talking again....

This morning on my little commute, I came down a steep hill that also is a blind curve going back up.  You can't see what is coming around the curve at you until they are pretty much in your face grill.   Right as the hill starts to curve up again, and right smack in the middle of my lane was a stopped truck with a trailer behind him.  The young man was standing between his truck and trailer; luckily I'm an aware driver and noticed him in time to stop quickly and flashing my brake lights, hoping the car rushing up on me would have time to stop as well.  He did.  

We couldn't go around the driver as the blind curve made it impossible, so we stopped, waited for him to try to reattach his trailer (which had apparently came off - must not have had a pin?) and as I watched my rear view mirror, I waited to see how many cars would be speeding down the hill - which is also immediately following a curve - so no one can see the now 3 or 4 of us stopped completely at the base of the hill.

A little anxiety.  Had another car, not paying as much attention as I do, had came upon this guy, they more than likely would have smacked into him.  As they hit the trailer, it would have slammed the man between his truck and the trailer and he more than likely wouldn't have made it.

The young guy got the trailer on the hitch well enough to get back in his truck, continue up the hill and around the blind curve, before finally pulling off onto a safer area where it was flatter and he had room to pull off the road without a deep ditch on the sides.

All was fine.

But... could have been very, very different.

No reason to tell the story except just to make chit-chat over morning coffee with you.   Enjoy your coffee. Enjoy your morning.  That's all.

Oh look... you would think the papers are ran by idiots or something.

Oh... wait.  They are.

When you make giving someone HIV NO LONGER A FELONY, and the rate of STD's skyrocket, a person with common sense would know why that is.  Instead, Democrat minds and papers with a propaganda decide to call it....  wait for it....  racism.   LOL.  THANK YOU GOD WE MOVED AWAY YEARS AGO BEFORE THEY ALL WENT BAT-SHIT CRAZY.


Now everyone knows Covid was man-made in a lab in Wuhan China.
But if you didn't think so for an entire year simply because the media told you didn't...
Well, there just isn't hope for you.


Pondering over Coffee:
If you raise your children, you can spoil your grandkids;
but if you spoil your children, you'll have to raise your grandkids.

Dear Democrats:  Trump may have hurt your little bitty feelings but Biden
is hurting your family, finance and freedom.  You asked for it and there is much, much worse coming.

It works.
I tried it.