It's just the coffee talking....

I cooked. I cleaned. I hosted. I entertained.
I try to anticipate every need before anyone has it...
The house guests left yesterday but I was wiped out.
Nothing was accomplished yesterday, really... and I did not re-energize.
My husband was home and although we were doing our own things most of the day, I don't re-energize unless I have solitude.
So today... that's my REAL re-energize day. 
Cleaning, coffee drinking, relaxing, chores, organization, banking, etc.  But it feels GREAT because I currently have the entire house to myself (and the dog) and it's S O L I T U D E with ZERO NOISE (not even music) and I'm sooooo happy!!!!!


Missing Mail:  I was relieved to see a missing piece of postal mail show up in this morning's delivery.  It was a Father's Day card from one of our adult kiddos to my husband.  We have 'informed delivery' so we can see an image of our mail before it's delivered.  This card never made it.  With all the theft going on in our delivery systems in the past 1 1/2 years, I was afraid maybe this one would disappear as I knew she had put 'something' in it for him.  But it made it safe and sound this morning - better late than never!

Gift Card Update:  As of this morning the missing and then delivered gift card still has a balance on it so hopefully nothing will be screwed up on their end and it's all resolved.  I feel anxiety about trying to hurry and use it before someone messes up and sees old information and cancels it... but I don't *need* much right now (a few things but not enough to get me to put on 'see people' clothes and throw some makeup on and then drive 20 miles for)  and would rather wait until I need some groceries or household goods in another week or two instead. 

I actually had two more RANDOM's to post but as I started to type them, I realized they were probably a post in and of itself.  I'm deleting those.



Doctor:  How often do you exercise?
Me:  3 times.
Doctor:  A week?  A month?
Me:  3 times.