The gift card fiasco.... update

Good Morning -

So for anyone wondering about the FedEx update....   

I had originally thought maybe one of our kids ordered something for Father's Day because I knew I hadn't ordered anything.  When that 'something' wasn't delivered but I got a notification it WAS delivered, I had to do some sleuthing to find out where it was... made more difficult because I didn't know what it was.

Long story short, it was a gift card.  Gifted to us as a 'Thank You' for hosting a small family reunion coming up and for going towards groceries.  She sent it for Walmart/Sam's Club. 

It just got messier because whoever it WAS delivered to, was honest and the package (still sealed) showed up in my mailbox overnight.  So now I had a giftcard... but Walmart was working on trying to cancel it.  

So I contacted them again to let them know it DID show up - but no one would help me because I wasn't the one who purchased the item and I had no order number.   I told them I knew they COULD look it up because 2 other customer reps DID figure out not only what it was - but found the order based on my name and address and I had verified the name of the sender.

This person said that wasn't possible and he couldn't do it.  (Again:  2 other different reps did... I know they can).

I told him, "I asked the previous customer service rep what I should do if the gift card DOES show up and she said to contact you this exact way and let you know...."

He still didn't know what to do so we disconnected online help.   

Sunday morning I got a "incident" email thanking me for contacting them (from yet ANOTHER customer rep name I've never worked with yet).  It was a form email sent to let me know they were looking into it and would update me when they had resolved it.

I immediate emailed back to say thank you but it's BEEN RESOLVED.

I said in the email I wasn't sure WHO or WHERE FedEx had delivered the gift card, but that honest person had brought it to my house and put it in the mailbox and I have the gift card now.  That it's RESOLVED and I hope I have no issues redeeming it this week.

I never heard anything back.

It's now Monday.

I have today off - the only day before everyone converges on our home for the reunion so I planned to do shopping today but....................................   

I have anxiety about trying to use the dang card because of this whole mess.  I have a feeling it's going to be refused and I'm going to look like I am trying to use a stolen gift card.


As the gift-giver told me in an email when I let her know about this whole mess... in her words "what a cluster f*ck".

Yep.  Dealing with customer service reps always is.

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