This is my procrastination place.... it's just the coffee talking. Today - Donald Trump "You're a great Dad!" coffee mug

I know it's Tuesday - but for me it's Monday because I have Monday's "off" (currently) so today (Tuesday) is my Monday.

But I'm not really ready mentally to dive into everything that needs to be done, thought-through, prioritized and... started.  So?  Here I am!

Gift Card:  Yesterday I didn't attempt to use the gift card because I didn't head over to Walmart for any groceries (yet).  I do plan to do that Thursday so, we'll see what goes on with the gift card.  I haven't heard back from customer service (they said they'd let me know when it was 'resolved' as they were going to try to stop the card;  which of course I immediately emailed to say IT IS RESOLVED hoping they DIDN'T stop the card... but it's in limbo right now so that is why I have no idea if the gift card will work or not!).  

Whew.  That was informative for regular readers who know the backstory and probably confusing for anyone fresh and new to It's Just the Coffee Talking.


Here's a random..  but coffee related!  This is the mug one of my siblings got for my Dad for Father's Day.  He saw him this past weekend so he gave it to him early.  I laughed... it's awesome.

Donald Trump Coffee Mug - You're a Great Dad! Everyone agrees!













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