This pathetic, creepy, druggy, China-bought pedophile and his family make me sick... (yes, the Biden Family)  but the fact that the media is refusing to cover ANY of his makes me even more sick.  Can you even IMAGINE if the tables were turned and this would have been one of Bush or Trumps sons?   The outrage and media cover would be NEVER ENDING.

Instead, this loser who spends Daddy's money, has affairs with his sister-in-law, gets high constantly, posts dick-shots, accepts brief cases full of money from China and the list goes on....  gets covered up by media.  WHAT THE FUCK CONNECTIONS DOES THIS FAMILY HAVE THAT EVERYONE IS COVERING UP THE MASSIVE ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES AND FRAUD THEY COMMIT?  

No matter what they do, what they say, it's continually just pushed under the rug.  He's just a piece of crap - like his father - and yet, everything is ignored.  The media and Democratic leaders almost killed themselves trying over and over and over to desperately find anything remotely shady to dredge up on President Trump - and would try to make crap up when they couldn't find anything.  This family has so much dirt to dig you don't even have to dig... it's right there in MOUNDS and being added to weekly.


Ok.  Whatever.  Where's my coffee?



Ponder over morning coffee: 
Equality is about giving everyone an equal chance... not about giving everyone an equal result.

Our current media makes me sick... sometimes literally.
WHY are they ignoring the truth?  The obvious?  WHY are they covering for Biden and his disgustingly trashy family and all their illegal dealings?
WHY won't they speak the truth about his health and dementia?
Keep in mind they and Democrats were coming in droves with pitch-forks to force Trump to get medical check-ups and then going over the results with a fine-toothed comb to TRY to find something negative...  
Joe can't answer a question at all, has a list of reporters to 'call on' with answers to their pre-determined questions and STILL GETS CONFUSED with his answers.  
Dementia Joe and Whore-Is are skating with ZERO accountability for anything.

The only reason this guy hasn't acted yet is because we've had an actual strong, intelligent LEADER for a President... until now.  The world knows how pathetic, confused and well, STUPID our current President is.  He's always been known as the dopey idiot who was capable of nothing...

"That's some nice dementia you got there Joe... It'd be a shame if somebody were to...
take advantage of it." 

Ponder over Coffee:

When an officer gets killed in the line of duty it's always "they knew the risk when they signed up for the job".
But when  criminal gets killed by an officer it's never "they knew the risk before they committed the crime."