Break time!

The meme above made me chuckle... out loud.  Not many do that.  Perhaps it was the chill mood I was in, but I found it humorous.  "OMG!  Somebody blew his head off!"  ROTFL....  

Not humorous if you are talking about the news... (Chicago and racist hatred-spreading mayor Lightfoot come to mind; especially this past weekend - the hate-crime killing of the young Puerto Rican couple this past weekend not to mention the other 50 shootings they had there this weekend) but if you are talking about dandelions, it's hilarious.


Having a dog named shark at the beach was a mistake....


The price of milk is up about $4 a gallon at our local Walmart grocery... the price of gas is up... the price of beef went up so high I couldn't buy any the last trip to the store.  There are no workers for the retail stores or restaurants because people can make more money staying home playing video games because of Biden's hand outs.  We've had more illegal border crossings in the past 4 months than we've had in 20 years.  Crime is up, hate-crimes are up, shootings are up and not being covered by the main-stream media because they don't fit the Democratic agenda.  The economy is crap, while it thrived and grew over the previous 4 years. 


I chuckled. I'm sharing.

So stupid it's almost funny.  LOL.


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