Good Morning Coffee Friends!

I'm 'off' today but it's far busier and jam packed with a task list that rivals even the worst of the worst of a 'full' day at the office, doing my own job, covering for a position not filled yet, handling a major event and a board meeting after hours.  Yep; many days like that... but today is even fuller.

But first... coffee.

And B-12 vitamins because I didn't sleep well last night.  And when I wanted to sleep and could have slept, Mr. Coffee was snoring or doing the deep air sucking noise that isn't exactly snoring but just as irritating and loud.  I had to keep turning his head sideways or trying to plump his pillow under his neck to support his neck to make him shut up.  By then I'd be wide awake and laying there blinking in the dark again.   Over 2 hours of that crap, mingled with trying to read, a bathroom trip, shifting positions, praying, mental relaxation techniques...  I finally fell asleep only to be awakened 10 minutes later by his alarm going off to get up for work.

Ah yes... it's gonna be a great day.

Have a good day everyone, and try not to read the news... or you won't have a great day.  ha ha.


The FDA quietly recalls thousands of unreliable COVID-19 Tests..... and Nobel Prize Winner Virologist warns the COVID vaccine does not stop the virus... they FEED the virus and they are an 'unacceptable mistake"....


Dementia Joe does it again... this time the career politician says he used to drive an 18-wheeler..... um, no Joe, you've been a  politician your whole life, you were never a truck driver.



Nobel Prize Winner Virologist warns the COVID vaccine does not stop the virus... they FEED the virus
and they are an 'unacceptable mistake"....

Fauci if he was in Silence of the Lambs....
"It puts the needle in its skin or else it wears the mask again."



 The FDA quietly recalls thousands of unreliable COVID-19 Tests.....








When you speak the truth but it goes against the narative, you get suspended..... if you can question it, it's science. If you aren't allowed to, it's propaganda.


So Mr. Hart has been suspended for a post made 10 months ago....  about how Fauci himself said masks are NOT helpful at keeping out the virus (which we ALL KNOW).  They keep out large droplets if someone sick sneezes or coughs.  That's it.  That's all they do.  We've known this for decades. 

And who is paying for the propaganda?  All the tweets are exactly the same on different accounts.  (Much like all the fake ballots found during the last election... all with the same handwriting, address and signature... a thousand at a time)  and here we are... same fake story being posted all over.  Someone has to pay for it... there are many suspects with deep pockets who would gain.








Morning Memes with Coffee - it's about the babies this morning


Using your talents for good....

Doctors made a 3D print of an ultrasound for a mother who is blind....


Ponder over coffee... the billions of dollars planned parenthood has made selling human babies that have been dismembered - cut up - and sold off in pieces for the highest dollar.
When they want women to give them their babies through abortions, they try to call the baby a clump of cells but on the market it's human tissue.

Think about it...
To let babies live or to kill them... that's some choice, America.

To lighten up the morning...
When a kid says "Daddy, I want Mommy" - that's the kid version of
"I'd like to speak to your supervisor."


Coffee Break! Just some random memes.




 I spent a half hour trying to talk with them, wanting to learn about their culture.
Then the bartender cut me off, and told me they were patio umbrellas.


Something those under 30 and socialist/democrats need to remember...
Here is a comprehensive list of everything you're entitled to and what the world owes you.

Listening to spoiled celebrities and athletes does not make you politically informed.

Sometimes you have to be the bigger person and walk away.
But then, sometimes, you have to throat-punch a motherfucker to get your point across.

"We're churning out a generation of poorly educated people with no skill, no ambition, no guidance and no realistic means to go to work"

I like to surround myself with people  who share in my inappropriate comments, sarcasm and random shenanigans.















The doctor who invented mRNA 'vaccine' speaks out against the lack of transparency to the risks involved and 'informed' consent: And social media bans him and shuts down his account





This has been my concern with the mRNA shots (being called a 'vaccine' to make people accept them but by definition they are not a vaccine... and remember;  they are not approved for use by the FDA either.  They are under 'emergency use authorization' - which means they should NOT be forced on anyone) from the start.  LACK OF TRANSPARENCY.  COVERUPS by the mass media and social media. 

The 'fact checkers' that are shutting down the informed social media posts of educated medical professionals, and the people who invented the science behind the shots.  For the record, 'fact checkers' can be a 23 year old working at Facebook or Google that is just 'googling' information and using biased sources to repeat propaganda - and denying the inventors of the 'vaccines' from trying to let people know there are risks.  

As a matter of fact, as the country is pushing for KIDS to get this experimental shot - the inventor of mRNA vaccine technology says the RISKS to those UNDER 18 OUTWEIGHS ALL (IF ANY) BENEFITS of getting it.  Not to mention the large percentage of deaths attributed to the shot and the issue of blood clotting, heart issues, menstruation issues, miscarriages and the spike protein being shed by those who are vaccinated. 








It's not that you SHOULD or SHOULD NOT get the shot that changes your mRNA and produces the spike protein that causes COVID.... it's that you should have the choice, based on facts and truth and information:  which people are not getting due to the news media and social media only showing BIASED and ONE SIDED information and literally hiding and deleting and shutting down anyone not saying what they want to be said.

We need both sides.
We need truth.
We need facts and information.

Not a 25 year old 'fact checker' who has a degree in computers and is checking 'facts' against their OWN approved sources.






It's just the coffee talking: you may want to take it iced today if it's 100 degrees where you are.

Enjoy your coffee... probably iced if you are in (most) of the parts of the country that are hovering around 100 degrees today.  Me?  I'm one of those weirdos that is usually cold... and likes my coffee strong, black and burning hot no matter the temperature.

Here are some random memes with your coffee.  Enjoy!



The only ones who listen to both sides of an argument....  are the next door neighbors.




Your DNA makes you... human.



If you can't handle me at my Judges 4-5, you don't deserve me at Proverbs 31. 


Errands TOTALLY count as 'going out'!


It's just the coffee talking - Tuesday Morning Random Fun Questions


Good Morning Coffee Friends!

I glanced over the news this morning but it makes my stomach twist and makes me throw up in my mouth a little.  Our world is going crazy.  Seriously.  I hope the pendulum can only swing 'so far' before it has to swing back...  a quote comes to mind:  as I've heard said, "people be crazy!

I have so many topics swirling in my head to chat about but a long while ago I made the decision to focus more on coffee, reviews, news, etc. and less on my personal life.  The internet of 2002, 2010 and even 2014 isn't the internet of today.  But this does cause a conundrum some days of needing something to chit-chat over coffee about when I have 75 topics but nothing for the blog.  

Sometimes bloggers used to do random questions so perhaps I'll try that this morning as I want to sit here and enjoy a little more "ME" time and not get started yet on tasks.


1)  What is the CLOSEST (real, paper - not electronic) book to you right now at this moment? 

 Janson's History of Art:  'The Western Tradition' (hardcover)

2)  What is the temperature outside right now?

83 degrees right now - but it's still morning. 

3)  What career did you seriously consider as an adult but life took you in another direction instead?

Two:  A medical doctor and Teacher.

4)  Least favorite food that you know most people like?


5)  What is the longest friendship you've had with someone you are still in touch with?

43 years.

6)  Longest drive you've made without stopping?

27 hours. (Stopped to use the rest room and went through a drive-thru McD's for french fries; washed my mouth out with mouthwash in the parking lot.  Other than that, we only stopped for gas.)  



Hey Coffee Friends!

Just hanging out on a Sunday night - watching.... Friends!
Yep, that Friends.
I own the series - and haven't seen it in a few months so I popped in a random and I'm starting the 3rd season. (Eat the fat, that's my seat and the jam plan....)


Thought I'd pop in and post a few meme's I thought were fun.


Really digging the tail lights on the new mustangs.....

The fastest land mammal is a toddler who's been asked what's in their mouth....

I need to re-home a dog.
It's a small terrier, tends to bark a lot.
If you're interested, let me know and I'll jump over my neighbors fence and get it for you.

And finally...

My body:  I'm so tired, I'm going to sleep great tonight.
My brain:  The fuck you are....






Good Morning coffee friends...

I typically have Fridays 'off' and there is always the conundrum of whether to get weekend errands out of the way on Friday because there is less people/traffic/lines than on actual weekends; or to soak up every minute of the day for myself- because I usually have the house to myself on Fridays and it's... lovely.  No one else here and it's pure heaven.  Even if I'm busy doing chores, cleaning, laundry, cooking; it's all done without anyone underfoot or talking to me, bugging me, shadowing me, asking me questions or making messes, etc. 

Yesterday I felt the need to get errands done.  I questioned myself, because I also wanted to relax, enjoy the day and not have to go anywhere or see anyone... or talk to anyone.  BUT a little voice said "Nah, go get those things out of the way and be done with them."  

So I did.  In hind-sight, that was a good thing.

I got home, put groceries and household items away, did a few other things, and then I heard my cellphone ring.  I was upstairs in the closet at the moment and the call was ending when I heard it so I was just starting to head that way to call them back, when the home phone rang.

Hmmm. In that case, it must be important.

I ran to get the phone before the machine picked up.  It was my husband.

He said, "I sent you a text letting you know I got off work early today but I see now, that text didn't go through so you didn't know I was on my way home.  But, I got off early and was on the way home when....."

So, it ends up that for the first time (ever with this company) he got off early today for no reason. 
On the way home instead of going the route he always takes for his daily commute, he felt he shouldn't take his normal route on all the interstates, but on the final stretch, he opted to exit and go through the city on the 'back road' (what we call it).  It's a busy highway, but obviously not as busy nor as fast moving as the busy interstates. 
As he made it through the busy city and started on the 'home stretch' he was about 9 miles from home and his A/C went out.  Then suddenly the radio went out, followed one-by-one by all the things.

Including the power steering and then, finally... the engine.  

The blessing to this was multiple:

That he was off 'early' at 3:00, and not in 5:00 traffic.  That he wasn't on a multiple lane interstate going 75 mph when his car started to shut down on him.  He was on a highway but it was just 2 lane and busy enough that it was bumper to bumper and slow enough he was able to have complete control over his car while it was shutting down.  He had just left 'the city' and it was a slower, more suburban area with a few businesses.

The biggest blessing?

This started less than 1/4 mile from his regular mechanic - located on this highway - literally right off the right hand side of the road, with no 'turns' or stops.

And he never, ever comes home this way.

As his car shut completely down he was able to literally coast it into their parking lot.

The engine shut down as he left the road and he coasted the car (steering difficult as there was no power steering) but coasted into their gravel parking area and into a parking spot.

The car was/is 100% absolutely dead. 

Not a thing on it works.  But it's at our mechanic, in a parking spot - as if it was planned.

Maybe it was. 
Thanks God!


Yeah, this would have been my luck too.  Ha ha.

(A seagull smacks a teen in the face as she rides a roller coaster)

YES!  I DO THIS!  Ha ha.  I didn't really realize that others do it too.
Restarting the song because someone talked to you!



Proud to be one of the 'make you a good human being' parents as well. 


Just some random Covid "vaccine" memes.... Enjoy with your morning coffee.


Today at the store I saw someone check the ingredients on a soup can.
She must be an anti-fooder because she doesn't trust the company who made the product to decide if it's appropriate for her body.  I mean, they would never intentionally make something that wasn't good for her.  Additionally, I've ate that soup before and I was completely fine... so why even look?
I wish anti-fooders would just stop acting like reading a label makes them an expert.

At first glance, I'd say you had an arrow through your head, but I'll run a covid test to make sure.

Real-life medical professionals who studied for years and earned actual degrees are not allowed to discuss any medically-related issue unless it's authorized by a non-medically trained, paid fact-checker.
Newsflash - that's not science.  That's censorship.

(If you aren't familiar with the social credit score, do an internet search for China's Social Credit Score....)