Good Morning Coffee Friends!

I saw this morning that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton were married over the weekend.  Not that I really 'care' like a big fan might, but I found it interesting for a couple reasons.  Over the past couple years I've been wondering if they could marry in her Catholic church because it would be her 2nd wedding and his... 3rd (?) or 4th (?).  In order to marry in her church, they'd have to find a way to get annulments for a whole lot of past marriages.  But I see they did finally marry (they've been together since 2015 I believe) - but it wasn't in the church and it wasn't by a priest. Carson Daly performed the ceremony. 

Now I normally don't care a whit about celebrities or their weddings - and admittedly don't really care about this one either except I stumbled upon the 'headline' when I was glancing over all the morning news and it caught my eye.

Waaaay back, I lived just outside of Los Angeles and was part of the music scene; (although the scene I was part of was more heavy metal and the big hair bands).  I heard of a 'new' band called No Doubt.  A couple years down the road they released an album and I liked a couple of their songs.  So I wasn't a 'fan' but they were on my radar.  Later, when they released "Spiderwebs" it was during a time when it was 'cool' to play music as the answer recording on your phone's message machine.  Instead of your boring voice "Hey, you've reached blah blah, leave a message at the beep", it was cool to use a song or lyrics.  I thought "Sorry I'm not home right now, I'm walking into spiderwebs, but leave a message and I'll callllll you back.  A likely story... but leave a message and I'll call you back." was perfect for our message.  (My first message was Samantha Fox "Hello... it's me again.  Don't you know it's hard to keep a good woman down? - then she giggles.)  

But anyway!  The line from Spiderwebs - sang by Gwen, was the recording on my answer machine.

As more years went by, life changed, we moved across the country and slowly but surely I started to like country music - and the rock/pop genre got increasing irritating and full of crap music so I found myself listening to a song called "Austin" by Blake Shelton.  Then, before I knew it, I was a country music fan for while.

That's how came to 'know' both Gwen and Blake.  Although I wasn't actually fans of either. 

I stopped watching television in 1998 or 1999 - literally stopped.  So I had no idea when Blake and Gwen were apparently on whatever music contest reality show they were on together but I knew the gossip of them both divorcing their spouses and before anyone knew it, they were showing up a Halloween party together out in California.   

Again - I didn't care - but I saw the headline in the entertainment news section of the online news I'd glance through.  It caught my eye because I recall thinking "WHAT A WEIRD COUPLE..."  At this time I was pretty much all country music and no pop/rock so I knew nothing about Gwen and only listened to some of the music Blake was releasing around that time.

And then... fast forward a few years and I saw another photo headline that showed Gwen and her kids after church.  A Catholic church.  And I thought;  "Well, that's interesting" because I didn't know she was Catholic obviously... I knew very little about her... don't care.   

I knew Blake and Gwen were 'dating' forever because once in a while as I looked over the news, a photo of entertainment news would update the world on their status and apparently everyone was wondering if they'd ever get married.

Knowing that she was Catholic, I wasn't sure how that would work out. 

So this morning, I'm looking over United States News and sure enough - another headline about them is on the page right next to 'important' news.  Apparently they got married.  Looks like the ceremony was outside and presided over by Carson Daly.  

Which means, after all these years I can finally go on with my life and stop biting my nails in anticipation of wondering if they'd ever be able to marry......





 This poor, old, confused and addle-brained man.....  sadly, it's our President.  Thanks Democrats.


Oh look... yet ANOTHER China connection.  He and his pedophilia-druggy son have their asses owned by China.



Everyone knows it.