Good Morning Coffee Friends!

I'm 'off' today but it's far busier and jam packed with a task list that rivals even the worst of the worst of a 'full' day at the office, doing my own job, covering for a position not filled yet, handling a major event and a board meeting after hours.  Yep; many days like that... but today is even fuller.

But first... coffee.

And B-12 vitamins because I didn't sleep well last night.  And when I wanted to sleep and could have slept, Mr. Coffee was snoring or doing the deep air sucking noise that isn't exactly snoring but just as irritating and loud.  I had to keep turning his head sideways or trying to plump his pillow under his neck to support his neck to make him shut up.  By then I'd be wide awake and laying there blinking in the dark again.   Over 2 hours of that crap, mingled with trying to read, a bathroom trip, shifting positions, praying, mental relaxation techniques...  I finally fell asleep only to be awakened 10 minutes later by his alarm going off to get up for work.

Ah yes... it's gonna be a great day.

Have a good day everyone, and try not to read the news... or you won't have a great day.  ha ha.