Good Morning Coffee Friends!

I've wasted a lot of time starting, writing and then deleting two different posts this morning.

They just get long, because I want to make sure I add the details, but then it's too long and I just don't care anymore and I delete it.

Like, when you tell a story and decide to give a 'SHORT' version because you know the long version is just too much.  So you give the SHORT version... and then everyone and their grandmother starts putting in their own two cents, asking if you did 'this or that' or why you didn't do 'this or that' and telling you you should have done 'this or that' and you are like...

I DID.  I DID ALL THAT.  I just left out the details because it was too friggin' long.  But now I have to give all the details anyway because you are asking/telling me and yes it was all DONE.

Kind of like that.

Bottom line is that one of my deleted posts was how I finally got rid of those damn Google adsense ads that showed up this weekend across the top of my site - a huge and obnoxious ad.  Remember:  I DON'T USE ADSENSE ads.  All the Google and Blogger settings for it were OFF and NOT CONNECTED.  My site didn't even show any ads when viewed through the Google  ad preview editor.

But, I have an adsense account.  I have had a google adsense account since... 2003 (???).  Because I use their free search bar.  And over the past 18 years I've updated my required codes and java script in HTML.

It just so happens that on July 19th (this past weekend) they implemented something that automatically turned on ads for 'wide screens' (like laptops and desktops) that fit across the entire screen... and they decide where it's placed on your site without your input.  It just showed up.

And after 3 days of frustration, I finally figured out it was because I had a piece of code in my HTML that was putting their obnoxious ad on my site - even though officially in their records I wasn't even in the Adsense program.  

I've stayed compliant with all the java script I've had to add and change over the past 18 years as they've added/changed/grown/implemented new things.  It was that snippet of code - once removed- took away that huge eyesore.



But that's fine.  Whatever.  Maybe my rambling will help someone else get rid of a huge obnoxious ad across their page when all the other blogger and Google settings and editors say there are no ads on your site.

Eh... it's just the coffee talking again...............