Good Morning coffee friends...

I typically have Fridays 'off' and there is always the conundrum of whether to get weekend errands out of the way on Friday because there is less people/traffic/lines than on actual weekends; or to soak up every minute of the day for myself- because I usually have the house to myself on Fridays and it's... lovely.  No one else here and it's pure heaven.  Even if I'm busy doing chores, cleaning, laundry, cooking; it's all done without anyone underfoot or talking to me, bugging me, shadowing me, asking me questions or making messes, etc. 

Yesterday I felt the need to get errands done.  I questioned myself, because I also wanted to relax, enjoy the day and not have to go anywhere or see anyone... or talk to anyone.  BUT a little voice said "Nah, go get those things out of the way and be done with them."  

So I did.  In hind-sight, that was a good thing.

I got home, put groceries and household items away, did a few other things, and then I heard my cellphone ring.  I was upstairs in the closet at the moment and the call was ending when I heard it so I was just starting to head that way to call them back, when the home phone rang.

Hmmm. In that case, it must be important.

I ran to get the phone before the machine picked up.  It was my husband.

He said, "I sent you a text letting you know I got off work early today but I see now, that text didn't go through so you didn't know I was on my way home.  But, I got off early and was on the way home when....."

So, it ends up that for the first time (ever with this company) he got off early today for no reason. 
On the way home instead of going the route he always takes for his daily commute, he felt he shouldn't take his normal route on all the interstates, but on the final stretch, he opted to exit and go through the city on the 'back road' (what we call it).  It's a busy highway, but obviously not as busy nor as fast moving as the busy interstates. 
As he made it through the busy city and started on the 'home stretch' he was about 9 miles from home and his A/C went out.  Then suddenly the radio went out, followed one-by-one by all the things.

Including the power steering and then, finally... the engine.  

The blessing to this was multiple:

That he was off 'early' at 3:00, and not in 5:00 traffic.  That he wasn't on a multiple lane interstate going 75 mph when his car started to shut down on him.  He was on a highway but it was just 2 lane and busy enough that it was bumper to bumper and slow enough he was able to have complete control over his car while it was shutting down.  He had just left 'the city' and it was a slower, more suburban area with a few businesses.

The biggest blessing?

This started less than 1/4 mile from his regular mechanic - located on this highway - literally right off the right hand side of the road, with no 'turns' or stops.

And he never, ever comes home this way.

As his car shut completely down he was able to literally coast it into their parking lot.

The engine shut down as he left the road and he coasted the car (steering difficult as there was no power steering) but coasted into their gravel parking area and into a parking spot.

The car was/is 100% absolutely dead. 

Not a thing on it works.  But it's at our mechanic, in a parking spot - as if it was planned.

Maybe it was. 
Thanks God!


Yeah, this would have been my luck too.  Ha ha.

(A seagull smacks a teen in the face as she rides a roller coaster)

YES!  I DO THIS!  Ha ha.  I didn't really realize that others do it too.
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