Good Morning...

So this morning I was glancing over some news headlines.  I realized I was not seeing any coverage about our current child-sniffing addled brain President.  At all.  The media is keeping him hidden and hiding his bungled conversations, his stuttering, his weird and inappropriate comments and sentences and made up words.  You CAN find some of them online but you have to search for them.

He has handlers.  He has lists of reporters to call on with their faces printed on a note card in front of him and their prepared question with his prepared answer.  Even then he's screwing it up.  He can't string a sentence together without getting confused.  

But the point (back to it) is that I was glancing over headlines and although I'm having a hard time finding 'main stream news' that WILL cover the mess that Biden idiot is... I still see them grasping on to stories about... TRUMP!  Bah ha ha ha.  One site I noted two stories about Trump (not even really stories... they were grasping at anything they could print that happened to mention him even in passing).  

It just makes me chuckle and shake my head.  The media is cutting off their nose... to spite their face.  They just can't let their personal feelings for a past President go.  It reminds me of the catty little high school groups who find someone to 'hate' and then everything that person does offends them in some way.  

The Democrats - and Trump
Once you hate someone, everything they do is offensive.
"Look at this bitch eating those crackers like she owns the place."


My current coffee is the Costco Kirklands brand k-cups.  The Pacific Bold.
And the current box has just 3 k-cups left in it.
Not cool.
It's a busy holiday weekend.  Costco is ALWAYS busy even on a random Tuesday in May.  It's also about a 45 minute drive from me.  I don't want to order it online and ship it because... we all know how crappy the delivery companies are now.  Most items you won't even receive and you have to try to track down; or the boxes have been opened and gone through to see if there is anything worth stealing by the delivery drivers before it gets to you.
I'm doubtful anyone would want a box or two of k-cups though.
They didn't want my "THE OFFICE" dvd sets... which I still chuckle about that.  Tossed those aside with the toddler/baby play farm set.  LOL.

But... coffee.

So part of me is thinking of heading out to do some grocery shopping - the other part of me (the introvert) is saying "you have the day off... stay home" because I DO have an emergency box of k-cups in storage.  Because if you've read my blog for many years, you know lack of coffee constitutes an emergency and I'm not above heading out to my local dentist's office to enjoy their free coffee bar in the waiting room.


I don't feel safe going back to work.
You felt safe going out to spend your unemployment check.

The four students who developed the nail polish that changes color when exposed to date rape drugs

 I've already had the rona.
I don't wear a mask because there's no point.
I'm not getting the 'jab' because I don't need nor want it.
I don't care about 'variants"
I didn't kill your grandma.
You do what makes most sense to you.  I won't harass you.
Leave me alone.