Got up this morning and ran around the block 5 times.
Then I got tired, so I picked up the block and put it back in the toy box. 





It's crazy the way your body turns on you as you get older... LOL
Adult injuries:  slept wrong, sat down too long, sneezed too hard....



Human then.
Human now.




I set out a suitcase to pack for my flight later today and spotted my 3 year old crawling inside it to hide.
I casually zipped it up, yelled, "I'm off to the airport!" and carried it to the car.
I've circled the block twice and my luggage hasn't stopped laughing.




 Going anywhere with younger kids:
"Where are your socks?  Why do you only have one shoe?  How did you lose your coat? 
Seriously... the bathroom, again?"

Going anywhere with older kids:  "I'm leaving in 15 minutes and I don't care who is in the car. 
I will go alone.  I don't give a shit."




 Today my three year old yelled "Just. Get. In. The. Fucking. Car." in front of everyone at pickup.
Just in case you needed to feel okay about your own parenting skills today.



I never have people over.
But when I have to..... this banner.  LOL.


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