It's Just the Coffee Talking: I want to have coffee with Candace Owens. Love this girl! So smart and strong but has far more poise and grace than I do about many topics! Ha ha.

Good Morning Coffee Friends!

For those of you who know who is Candace Owens is... don't you just want to have coffee with her!?  Seriously.  

I kind of wish she was my neighbor so we could get together and have coffee once every week or so (she's super busy so we couldn't have coffee every morning...) but I just love her take on things. 

She's smart.  She's informed.  She's a critical thinker.  She doesn't take crap from people and stands up for what is right but does it with more poise and grace than I have.  Ha ha.

Here is a quick link to her instagram;  and if you go there you can click on one of her posts to hear her, see her, check her out.  

The image of her in a white t-shirt (the most recent when I screenshot this) is all about the fear campaign surrounding the Covid shot and the people who are now being forced to get it by their employers and are being given a date to make sure they take the shot(s) or they will be fired.

Grab your coffee and click... go listen.  She's awesome.