It's just the coffee talking - Tuesday Morning Random Fun Questions


Good Morning Coffee Friends!

I glanced over the news this morning but it makes my stomach twist and makes me throw up in my mouth a little.  Our world is going crazy.  Seriously.  I hope the pendulum can only swing 'so far' before it has to swing back...  a quote comes to mind:  as I've heard said, "people be crazy!

I have so many topics swirling in my head to chat about but a long while ago I made the decision to focus more on coffee, reviews, news, etc. and less on my personal life.  The internet of 2002, 2010 and even 2014 isn't the internet of today.  But this does cause a conundrum some days of needing something to chit-chat over coffee about when I have 75 topics but nothing for the blog.  

Sometimes bloggers used to do random questions so perhaps I'll try that this morning as I want to sit here and enjoy a little more "ME" time and not get started yet on tasks.


1)  What is the CLOSEST (real, paper - not electronic) book to you right now at this moment? 

 Janson's History of Art:  'The Western Tradition' (hardcover)

2)  What is the temperature outside right now?

83 degrees right now - but it's still morning. 

3)  What career did you seriously consider as an adult but life took you in another direction instead?

Two:  A medical doctor and Teacher.

4)  Least favorite food that you know most people like?


5)  What is the longest friendship you've had with someone you are still in touch with?

43 years.

6)  Longest drive you've made without stopping?

27 hours. (Stopped to use the rest room and went through a drive-thru McD's for french fries; washed my mouth out with mouthwash in the parking lot.  Other than that, we only stopped for gas.)  


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