It's Just the Coffee Talking.... was thinking about getting a home warranty again but... mmm, scammer pants and non-English liars might be more frustration than it's worth

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Coffee break time;  not sure how much time I'll get so I'll just type fast while I chit-chat.  

Today in the mail is an advertisement for a home warranty company called American Home Shield.  Although we had a one year home warranty that came with the house when we bought it, that was years ago and we didn't renew it after it was up.  There were a couple reasons for that decision; one being the house was fairly new and therefore the appliances and everything in it were new-ish (about 3 years).  But also because we had used the warranty service once and it was a frustrating experience.  

It was down to about 14 degrees at night (freezing) and our heat went out.  When I called the warranty company, she spoke English and was very friendly and helpful but the company they contacted for service was actually about an hour away (the other side of the metro area).  But they were set to come out and... never showed up.   

Phone calls back and forth and they were set again but didn't show because... "It's raining."    Yep, seriously.  They said they won't look at a system if it's raining.  So we waited a couple days.  No rain and they were slated to come out.  They didn't show.  Many calls back and forth and their reasoning was "Well, it's misting out..."  MISTING.  So it was 'wet' and they didn't want to come.

The part they needed to look at is the main system... located IN OUR NICE WARM, DRY, GARAGE.

Finally, I got the warranty company to contact someone ELSE.  They came out that day, checked, and found it was the thermostat on the wall that was faulty.  Fixed it.

But this took many, many phone calls, many lost days and hours of me waiting at home for 4 or 5 service calls where they never even bothered to show up, etc.  and of course the lie about not coming out if it's raining.

So in the end, we paid our $75 service call fee and they covered the cost of the repair but it was minimal - like, $150 or something like that.   The cost of the warranty was four times as much as the repair.  So we didn't renew and figured the likely-hood of something 'big' breaking down was small and we would just pay out of pocket.

Fast forward about 10 years.

During that time we never did have anything too large break down.  I think the most expensive repair was on the furnace and about $400 (?).  

But now we are 10 years down the road and the appliances are all about 13 years old.  So knowing we got this advertisement I was considering starting up with a home warranty company again "just in case" for the next few years.

So I did some research online (of course).

Ummm... it's not looking good.

  • One of the changes since we had a home warranty previously is apparently now all their customer service reps are overseas.  Hard to understand, little English and like to tell you whatever you want to hear or lie to you just to finish the call.   *(This is typical with most companies now but it's a major, MAJOR hot topic with pretty much, everyone (?) because customer service is crap - pure crap - and lies and hours and hours of frustration when they are based overseas.)
  • Another thing I found in the reviews was American Home Shield had shady characters contracted with them that when the homeowner TOLD them what was going on... they didn't care and didn't act on it - and MADE the homeowner work with that company anyway.  One in particular that is new so it's not resolved yet had the A/C company guy "David" tell him the compressor was broke and it would be at least a month before they could get a new one ordered, but he happened to have one IN HIS LIVING ROOM AT HOME they could buy out of pocket and he could install it right away - but this would be something they would have to pay for and not part of the payment by the warranty company.   The kicker to this story?  The homeowners got their own company to come in to check the system and the compressor was NOT EVEN BROKEN.   The scammer guy had made sure it was turned off and wasn't running in order to try to trick them to buy the one from his living room.  There was a tiny part causing the system to not run; easily replaced and done immediately.  So David was a liarpants and American Home Shield didn't do anything about it.
  • Saw lots of reviews on numerous sites of repairs that had been going on for 1-2 MONTHS and still not fixed; lots of phone calls between the homeowners and American Home Shield trying to get service people to actually show up, or to get the item working... going without hot water for a month, or their dishwasher for 2 months, etc.

Ummm... no.  I don't need that stress in my life.  So their ad will be going into the trash.

If someone knows of a decent home warranty company with customer service agents based in the US so they actually speak English, are HELPFUL and don't lie to you but really do get the job done, let me know.  I'll look them up.  :)


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