Just some random Covid "vaccine" memes.... Enjoy with your morning coffee.


Today at the store I saw someone check the ingredients on a soup can.
She must be an anti-fooder because she doesn't trust the company who made the product to decide if it's appropriate for her body.  I mean, they would never intentionally make something that wasn't good for her.  Additionally, I've ate that soup before and I was completely fine... so why even look?
I wish anti-fooders would just stop acting like reading a label makes them an expert.

At first glance, I'd say you had an arrow through your head, but I'll run a covid test to make sure.

Real-life medical professionals who studied for years and earned actual degrees are not allowed to discuss any medically-related issue unless it's authorized by a non-medically trained, paid fact-checker.
Newsflash - that's not science.  That's censorship.

(If you aren't familiar with the social credit score, do an internet search for China's Social Credit Score....)