The doctor who invented mRNA 'vaccine' speaks out against the lack of transparency to the risks involved and 'informed' consent: And social media bans him and shuts down his account





This has been my concern with the mRNA shots (being called a 'vaccine' to make people accept them but by definition they are not a vaccine... and remember;  they are not approved for use by the FDA either.  They are under 'emergency use authorization' - which means they should NOT be forced on anyone) from the start.  LACK OF TRANSPARENCY.  COVERUPS by the mass media and social media. 

The 'fact checkers' that are shutting down the informed social media posts of educated medical professionals, and the people who invented the science behind the shots.  For the record, 'fact checkers' can be a 23 year old working at Facebook or Google that is just 'googling' information and using biased sources to repeat propaganda - and denying the inventors of the 'vaccines' from trying to let people know there are risks.  

As a matter of fact, as the country is pushing for KIDS to get this experimental shot - the inventor of mRNA vaccine technology says the RISKS to those UNDER 18 OUTWEIGHS ALL (IF ANY) BENEFITS of getting it.  Not to mention the large percentage of deaths attributed to the shot and the issue of blood clotting, heart issues, menstruation issues, miscarriages and the spike protein being shed by those who are vaccinated. 








It's not that you SHOULD or SHOULD NOT get the shot that changes your mRNA and produces the spike protein that causes COVID.... it's that you should have the choice, based on facts and truth and information:  which people are not getting due to the news media and social media only showing BIASED and ONE SIDED information and literally hiding and deleting and shutting down anyone not saying what they want to be said.

We need both sides.
We need truth.
We need facts and information.

Not a 25 year old 'fact checker' who has a degree in computers and is checking 'facts' against their OWN approved sources.