The other day I saw this meme and smirked.
This is me.
I'm in awe of people that can sleep even though they have some negative crap going on in their lives, or they have a list of "TO DO" items at work that didn't get done.
Even when I have 2-3 days to finish a job at work I'd go crazy if I didn't get it accomplished right away.  I'm a 'GET IT DONE' person and no matter what the job is/was, I wanted it done and done correctly before I left the office each day.

Even the smallest of things can keep me awake at night (let's not even talk about the 'big' things!).  I've been known, many times, to have to get up OUT OF BED to clip my fingernails or put on moisturizer, or even check if I left something out on the counter because my brain was not letting me relax knowing it wasn't done.  Yes, EVEN CLIPPING MY NAILS.  True story.  Any task, no matter how small, any conversation I had that didn't go as I expected or wanted, any chore left undone, anything I forgot to tell someone... even if it COULD be left for tomorrow, is enough to keep me awake until it's done.

Being so stressed that relaxing makes you stressed because you're not working on what is making you stressed!


Have you heard about the 'warning' pop-ups Facebook is now showing to some targeted people?
Mainly targeting those who have conservative beliefs.  People have had their accounts suspended for posting... BIBLE VERSES.  Yes, even bible verses are enough to make FB call you out as an extremist.
The funny thing (not funny) that the worst extremists I know are Democrat/Liberal/Socialists.
Full of hatred, fury and screaming, crying and 'turning in' anyone who doesn't believe that they do.

Critical thinkers; those who use common sense, those who believe in morals, ethics and yes, biblical principles are under attack now.  It's the world we live in.  It's not going to get better before it gets worse.

It's the pollen, rag weed and grasses that will do you in!

Put on a mask to go out but what are breathing in your own house?  Ha ha.