Watching Big Bang Theory, you probably read all the little personal notes Chuck Lorre would tag on at the end of an episode.  They would only flash for a second so you had to pause to read.  

He was putting his own little personal political digs into them after awhile because he obviously hated President Trump.  One of those people who, once you hate someone, hates everything they do - true or not.

Well, yesterday when I saw this one pop up at the end of the episode I had to laugh.

Not only was it totally stupid at the time (President Trump was healthy and a brilliant business man) but the fact that I see it NOW in 2021 under leadership of a man who literally can't string together a sentence without losing his train of thought, suddenly kneels down to people in the middle of a conversation, can't answer reporters questions unless they've been submitted before hand so Biden can have them on a flashcard in front of him - in his hands - with the reporters photo on them so he can match the face to the picture like a 3 year old preschooler.... (and he still messes it up).

Well... you get the point.  The point is our current President wouldn't pass a legit cognitive test if he was attempting to walk past it. 

So Chuck Lorre - this IS funny after all.  

Because President Biden could not pass this Presidential Cognitive Test.  And you know that to be the truth!