When you speak the truth but it goes against the narative, you get suspended..... if you can question it, it's science. If you aren't allowed to, it's propaganda.


So Mr. Hart has been suspended for a post made 10 months ago....  about how Fauci himself said masks are NOT helpful at keeping out the virus (which we ALL KNOW).  They keep out large droplets if someone sick sneezes or coughs.  That's it.  That's all they do.  We've known this for decades. 

And who is paying for the propaganda?  All the tweets are exactly the same on different accounts.  (Much like all the fake ballots found during the last election... all with the same handwriting, address and signature... a thousand at a time)  and here we are... same fake story being posted all over.  Someone has to pay for it... there are many suspects with deep pockets who would gain.