Quick little update to the service dogs left in Afghanistan when Biden wouldn't issue a permit to allow them on the flight out....

I wasn't looking for an update on the dogs specifically - but had a moment and jumped online.  I saw this update and it put a little joy in my heart.  This particular rescue is up to 46 military working dogs slated to be rescued and flown out on a plane with people we are still trying to get out Kabul after piece-of-shit-Biden left them.

There are a number of rescues trying to get the people left behind and the dogs out...

13 salutes to the fallen military members and 13 times Biden looked down at his watch after each fucking one. 


Good Morning Coffee Friends...

There is a meme I just can't post.  I can't even scroll by it or see it without starting to cry (again).  It's a photo of some of the 200 service dogs in kennels that were left at the airport in Afghanistan as they were being loaded on the planes.  FuckedUp Joe didn't allow them on the planes. 

Now we have Americans LEFT by Joe.  We have Afghan who worked with the Americans LEFT by Joe to be hunted down and killed.  We have the US military service dogs to be tortured and killed by Taliban for fun.  (Did you see the images and video of the Taliban flying a helicopter with a body HUNG from it... for fun and intimidation?)  Another meme shot/video I CANNOT POST OR EVEN LOOK AT.

But once you see it, you can't ever UN-see it.  It's burned into my brain.

They've gone house to house and killed Afghans suspected or known to have worked for or with the US.  Little girls have been stolen for rape-brides.  Christians killed on the spot.  Mass murders already.  They went to the farmers and kicked the families off - then took them over.  They've also taken over the food markets and raised the prices so high that the food is unaffordable.  People are literally starting to starve already.  The farmers and Christians are told they have to fight for ISIS or they'll be killed - and they are.    All the information is there... the news stories, videos, photos.... it's all there.  But if you start to read the real news and see the real images, just remember; you can't un-see them.  And you can't go backwards in time. 



I know of a young man, healthy, who had to get the mRNA shot in order to save his job.  He got it 12 days ago.  He just died of blood clots.

Another person I know has Covid and went to urgent care to have their oxygen levels monitored as they couldn't get enough air to breathe comfortably.  The nurse asked if they were vaccinated?  They replied "nope".  She turned behind her, closed the door, and lowered her voice.  She said "Whatever you do, do not get it."   She said the nurses have seen it over and over again;  everyone and anyone may GET Covid but those who are dying from it are the ones who are vaccinated.  

She then told him she's worked as a nurse for 10 years and she's having lose her job in a couple weeks  because they are now mandating the 'vaccination' and she and her co-workers absolutely WILL NOT get that shot.    She said she's heartbroken to lose her job... but they can't make her get that shot.  She won't do it.

These are NURSES who have worked with Covid patients daily for 1 1/2 years.  Refusing the shot.  That should speak LOUDLY to you.





Fuck Biden and Fuck You for Voting for Him. - Fuck Biden Flag, 3x5 Feet with 2 Grommets

A mother's heartbreak... and piece of shit Biden checking his watch during the transfer service for the fallen.

(He checked his watch 13 times during that short service... 13 fucking times)


Fuck Biden Flag, Anti Biden Flag and Fuck You for Voting for Him, 3x5 Feet with 2 Grommets


If You Voted For Biden Thanks A Lot Hole Sarcasm Funny T-Shirt 




  If You Voted for Biden Thanks A Lot Asshole- Flag 





If You Voted For Biden Thanks A Lot Ass Hole T-Shirt

Ponder over your morning coffee....

 Bills' Cole Beasley, unvaccinated, forced to quarantine after testing NEGATIVE for Covid - because he came into contact with fully vaccinated trainer who had the virus.
Our fucked up President - fraudulently elected by unhinged Democrats, now has outfitted
the Muslims with some pretty damn good weapons.

Despicable:  Joe Biden CHECKS HIS WATCH during the service for the fallen heroes he killed in Afghanistan.

 13 Americans dead and the only one FIRED was a marine asking for accountability.....

Natural immunity found to be stronger and last longer than the 2-shot jab....
common sense already told us that, now science is proving it and yet... crickets.


Every drug RECALLED by the FDA
was first deemed "safe and effective"














Hello Coffee Friends!

I'm sure my regular readers have noticed I've stopped most all chit-chat lately and can barely even get myself to post all.  Instead I've just put memes up.  They take the place of all the things I don't say.

Even when I have good intentions, I sit here and start to type and I find myself purging feelings and thoughts that most of us are having... angry, frustrated, hurt, scared, flabbergasted, weary, tired.  So, so tired.

I tend to rant and vent as I don't really voice all those frustrations anywhere else in 'real' life.  I've found when our conversations turn to topics like Biden/Harris, Democrats, Afghanistan, vaccine mandates, etc. we all just tend to get frustrated and talk in circles; saying the same thing over and over and asking each other "how is this!???"  

I have friends who are liberal democrats.  Heck, I have a few relatives who are Democrat.  We don't generally discuss politics or hot topics because that's not why we like each other.  We're friends and relatives on different levels - and I respect their rights and their opinions even if I don't agree.  Or I think they're stupid.  LOL. But I love them for who they are.  

I love them for everything else we have in common. 

But since I keep my mouth shut, I end up venting here on Coffee Talking... and I just got tired of saying "HOW?"  and "I TOLD YOU SO!" and "WHY DIDN'T YOU LISTEN?"  Ha ha.  So basically I stopped saying it.  I just put up memes sometimes instead.

I have some coffee talk venting about stupid local leadership I've almost posted a couple times... NOTHING TO DO WITH VACCINES, COVID OR POLITICS.  Just good old fashioned stupidity.  Perhaps I'll be in the mood to chat about some of that soon.  But again... typically I START to chat about a random topic but then ALL ROADS LEAD TO AFGHANISTAN, VACCINES AND BIDEN.

And then I delete the whole dang post and throw up a meme.

Marine Lt. Col. Stu Scheller spoke out against the Biden & Harris debacle in Afghanistan.  He was fired yesterday for daring to speak out....

Biden and Harris killed...

Max Soviak, Corpsmen (20 years old)
Kareem Nikoui, Marine (22 years old)
David Lee Espinoza, Marine (20 years old)
Rylee McCollum, Marine (20 years old)
Jared Schmitz, Marine (20 years old)
Hunter Lopez, Marine (22 years old)
Taylor Hoover, Marine (31 years old)
Daegan William-Tyeler Page (23 years old)
Ricky Thompson, Marine (21 years old)
Humberto Sanchez, Marine (22 years old)
Johanny Rosario, Marine (25 years old)
Ryan Knauss, Army(23 years old)
Nicole Gee, Marine (23 years old)


Free donuts and french fries didn't work.
Millions of dollars didn't work.
Propaganda didn't work.
Shaming didn't work.
Firing people didn't work.
"Show me your papers" didn't work.
No means no.
Leave us alone.







LEGIT QUESTIONS... no one wants to ANSWER.

So, you get your mRna shot so you can keep your job, go to a restaurant, travel, go to school...
Will you get fired and be denied access if you aren't up to date with each 6 month booster?
Genuinely interested in how these exclusionary measures will work.

Yay for MelissaFloyd4Truth - LA Times
More legit questions no one wants to answer...

My dog is smarter than Joe Biden.
And if you KNOW my dog, that's really saying something....





The Biden administration is caught in another lie. The Afghan civilians are not boarding a US Airforce C-17 Globemaster. In fact, the plane isn’t American at all.



The Biden administration is caught in another lie.

Biden’s Department of Defense decided to tweet photos to show how they are successfully evacuating civilians in Afghanistan.

Alongside the images, the tweet reads, “Afghan civilians board US Airforce C-17 Globemasters at Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan.”

The Afghan civilians are not boarding a US Airforce C-17 Globemaster. In fact, the plane isn’t American at all.

A closer investigation reveals that the C-17s are from the United Arab Emirates.


FDA approved.... Approval before the clinical trial ends... not sketchy at allllll.

Soooo... those idiot young docs in South Florida who staged a walk-out saying they wouldn't treat anyone who wasn't vaccinated....  are they treating morbidly obese patients?  Cigarette smokers?  Heavy drinkers?

According to the CDC the current hospitalization rate for Covid in my age group 18-49 - is 5.9.
Not 5.9%.
5.9 people per 100,000.


 Washington public school is forcing unvaccinated teens to wear ankle monitors as if they are criminals.
(The ankle monitor SHOULD have a yellow star logo on it!!!)




Hey, it worked for Biden and Harris... NO election is honest and safe anymore.


South Florida Doctors Walkout as a Protest Against Unvaccinated Patients

(Never mind the science/data that shows the VACCINATED are getting Covid... the shots don't work)

But more importantly... they are doctors who took an oath.  Now they can PICK AND CHOOSE
who they want to treat... (see next image)

When I saw this joke meme last week it was still a joke....
But ponder it over coffee.
Doctors CANNOT pick and choose who gets treatment.





Ponder over coffee this morning:

We are only 8 months into a Biden-Harris administration.
What will be left of America by the end of their term?

Biden Voters:  the biggest idiots on the face of the earth.




Good Morning Coffee Friends!

Oddity this week outside in the yard... our white oak trees are dropping tons of itty bitty, teeny, immature acorns.  Not just a few acorns and not just a few trees.  We have almost 5 acres and all the white oaks are dropping.

White oak only drop their acorns every two years, but they are normal sized, regular acorns.  This isn't that.  I heard the acorns start to drop last week in the woods while I would spend time in the backyard or on the deck.  I didn't think much of it.  But then when walking down to get mail, I was daydreaming and looking down at the ground and realized I was passing, and walking over tons of acorns; but itty bitty ones.  Oddest thing!  We've lived here for 10 years and I've never seen them do this before.  Perhaps the heat?  Perhaps the crazy amount of rain this year?

I'm fighting a wicked headache and going to grab some Goody's headache powder so that's all I'm going to chat about over coffee today I guess.  







 If it worked and was safe you wouldn't need to threaten those who question it.

Waiting in line for your 56th booster shot to stop the 89th variant that comes with the 23rd wave....

Some people will never like you because your spirit irritates their demons.

A doctor at work called me a conspiracy theorist.
I requested he have an antibody tes to prove he has produced some sort of immunity from the shot.
I mean, if you're going to follow the science....