A .0172% death rate is NOT a pandemic.

Good Morning Coffee Friends!

I was here early this morning - and typed a post but like usual, I got to the end and then just decided to delete. 

It's late afternoon but I really am having a short coffee break right now so I thought I'd pop in.

Last weekend I was doing some errands and noticed a few of the retail stores are making their employees wear masks again.  Mandates are trickling down again.  FOR WHAT?  Delta is literally almost nothing.  Seriously.  

There is a 99.98% survival rate and the experts warn that most people won't even know they have the Delta version of Covid because so many have zero symptoms or it's easily confused with a minor cold or allergies.

Symptoms of seasonal allergies, colds and the COVID delta variant often are similar to one another. Without testing, it is difficult to determine whether the congestion is more than a cold, according to officials.

But then they warn if you have any symptoms such as a stiffly nose, headache or feel 'off' to GO GET TESTED FOR COVID!


Seriously.  WHY?  There is no need.  

Let the dang virus act like very other cold and flu and let it run its course and go away like all the other flu bugs.

And I want to smack the people that got the experimental drugs jabbed into their systems, and then got sick with Covid anyway and say "But... the doctors say I would have been sicker if I hadn't gotten the vaccine; so get your shot!"  THERE IS NO WAY FOR THEM TO KNOW THAT.  Seriously.

The millions of people who 'got' Covid and NEVER ACTUALLY GOT SICK or had little more than a mild cold or 1 day flu... and never had a vaccine....  what do you say to that?

Generally speaking you will only get seriously sick if you have OTHER ISSUES.  Mainly?  If you are obese, have Diabetes, other immune issues.  

99.98% of people are FINE.  Absolutely fine. 

You have more chance of dying in your car on your way to the doctors than you do of dying from this virus and it is NOT A PANDEMIC.  

A .0172% death rate is NOT a pandemic.