Biden and Covid over coffee this morning....

Covid by the numbers....   Average death is 0.2%
Recovery is 99.8%
For 99.4% of those that catch it (like you would the flu or a cold) it's mild.  So mild that most think it might be allergies or a mild cold.
   I was reading our local paper  this weekend and they are doing 'the sky is falling' with headlines about the CHILDREN.  How the hospitals are over-run children with Covid.   In reading the article I see there is a whooping 22 kids hospitalized with it.  Twenty-two.  In a huge metro area. 

But then I read the breakdown.  75% of them were actually hospitalized with RSV.  A respiratory infection kids get EVERY YEAR.  It can be serious - and is - but it's been around long before China unleashed the Wuhan virus on everyone.

The other kids hospitalized had other health issues they had been born with and were hospitalized with them but the only factor that linked them is that they ALSO happened to test positive for Covid.  Because no matter WHAT you go to the hospital for, they will test for it.  And by raising their "case" number they can feed the propaganda and fear-mongering.  In other words; the kids hospitalized with 'Covid' were not hospitalized BECAUSE of Covid.  They just happened to test positive for it at some point while they are in the hospital.
   And that silly little pesky Taliban thing?  Joe will get around to addressing the nation about it at some point.  No rush.   
   Note how the Taliban waited until Trump was out of office before acting.  Because everyone knows Dementia Joe is a pansy ass.
Speaking of Trump, let's look at the data for wage changes verses inflation change... shall we?

  Biden, Kamala the Ho and Psaki are all unavailable to the public or media right now.  Hmmm. Trying to come up with a way to cover their shitty asses.





 Meh, don't mind me.  It's just the coffee talking........