Covid pays well to those connected to the CDC... especially the CDC Director's husband.... AND yep Obama and his Democrat celebrity friends (700 people) party while they tell YOU to social distance and wear masks....

If you ever wondered if the CDC's recommendations are a bit uh... biased, just start looking at who runs it and who funds it.  I did about a year and a half ago and was surprised.  Because I know what I know, I'm not at all surprised about things like this....  


The VP NOBODY voted for...  she and Biden hid from the public, did almost no campaigning, and when they tried, sometimes literally NO ONE showed up. Other times as few as 10 people showed up.  One of the largest turn-outs they had was about 80 cars in a parking lot.  She made her career by sleeping her way into positions with married men (both admit it - it's not a secret - look it up).  The voting machines were programmed to change votes from Republican to Democrat and even by a precise percentage point at a precise time.  Ballots by the thousands caught on video and by eye-witnesses being brought in by boxes and even suitcases;  when checked, up to 1,000 at a time pre-printed with the same name and address and all voting Democrat.  Military mail-in votes deemed to be Republican were 'lost', as were the boxes of mail-in votes from traditionally 'red' cities and states.  Blah blah blah.

Point being... NO ONE voted for this woman.  Even the Democrats didn't want her (remember she got LESS than 2% of the vote when she made her failed run to be the Democrats Presidential pick... then she dropped out completely only to be picked up by Biden as he had said he would choose a black female as a running mate... but they couldn't find one that didn't have a sketchy past.  She was the best of the worst so he chose her).  

But anyway...  failing on every level as a VP and couldn't even bother to visit the border when it was the ONE JOB she was given as VP...  well her approval was less than 2% to start but going even lower.

Oh look... more fake voters or dead voters removed (after they voted in the 2020 election... LOL)

And we see that the Democrats are partying hard at the Obama's for a birthday bash with 700 people (guests plus staff)...  no face coverings, no social distancing... face masks and lock-downs are for the little people and only when we can somehow blame republican leaders for it.  Meanwhile the Democrats have NEVER stopped vacations, hair-appointments, parties, mask-less full flights to conventions and more.  And yet their supporters follow like sheep.