Good Morning Coffee Friends!

So... I'm sure most of you have read that Obama is holding a huge 60th birthday bash and the guest list is hovering around 500 people with 200 more people to serve as staff.  So... a bash with 700 people gathering together.

Now, the other news is a source from the White House has been quoted as saying the Biden handlers are quietly preparing a speech to launch next week calling for another smack down on the American people for a quarantine/stay at home order again.  




We'll have to wait and see if it rings true but... typical Obama and Democratic move if they do - let Obama hold a huge-ass bash and THEN call for a smack down lock up again right after he holds his big party.  Democrats have shown over and over that rules are not for 'them' - only for us peons.  

Perhaps now that the word of his huge party leaked to the public and they are being called-out for it, they'll reconsider and cancel?  More than likely they'll hold it anyway - and the public will conveniently 'forget' all the Democrats flaunting of 'better-than-you' activities and actions during 2020 and 2021 Covid rules for the 'rest of us' little people.