Good Morning Coffee Friends!

Yesterday I did indeed head to Walmart.  I love one of the Walmart's near me.  Oh, I hate most of them and I refuse to go to the one closest to me, but if I drive 10 miles in the opposite direction, I love that location so I don't mind going at all.  As a matter of fact, as someone who doesn't actually like to go places much... I enjoy shopping there if I can go during an 'off' time (not a weekend and not late afternoon) and I can browse and take my time - not being on a tight schedule to get somewhere.    

Yesterday my list was rather short.  Maybe 8 things I was actually going for that were written down.  A few more in my head to pick up and then the plan to browse and 'maybe stock up on a few things for these uncertain times'.

And that my friends is how my cart got filled to the top.  I spent money I didn't have, but decided stocking the emergency pantry was imperative and worth taking some funds out of savings for.  Mr. Coffee agreed.  Now, we don't have much in savings either.  We depleted every bit of every savings, every available cash we had to our names over the course of helping to put three (3) kids through college because... we are white and middle class so we were basically unable to get help.  The kids applied for student loans, but the remainder had to be paid... so we used every available source to avoid those blood-sucking 'parent plus loans' that the gov offers that will kill you financially for years and go up up up and up over time (and kids).

So no.  We do not have the funds to stock anything right now.  But do I feel it's important?  Yes.

So yesterday I got the things we need, a few things I wanted (2 baby outfits for $4 each) and a lot of items I deemed fit for 'emergency' storage - be it freezer, pantry or household goods/medication, etc.

I feel good.  Money well spent.

Speaking of which... (storage), one of the things on my to-do list this weekend is to do some home canning.  I've never really done much canning, but the past 2 years taught me I need to.  So I ventured out of my "only canned salsa and tomato products" history and jumped into canning a few more items.  I've realized it's pretty fun and absolutely fulfilling and satisfying!  To see the fruits of your labor and what you can accomplish is pretty awesome.

Inflation under Biden/Harris has gone up almost 8% in 7 months.  It's going to get worse.  There is no end in sight right now.  And since he's giving money away left and right for stimulus payments, unemployment bonuses and free money if you have kids under 18 in your household, everyone is "so stimulated" that they aren't willing to work.  At all.  So EVERYWHERE is hiring and so many places are shutting down due to no employees.  All contribute even more to shortages and high prices.

So - stocking up on some needs.  Canning.  Having peace of mind that we'll be ok to weather through this crazy time.

    Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving

   Ball Regular Mouth 16-Ounces Mason Jar with Lids and Bands (12-Units), 12-Pack, AS SHOWN


If your job is mandating the shot, don't worry - here are some places you can work that currently don't mandate...

1.  The White House
2.  The CDC
3.  The FDA
4.  Moderna
5.  Pfizer
6.  The WHO
7.  Johnson & Johnson


Gavin Newsom implements yet ANOTHER way to cheat in the California recall.
He signed a law making ALL residents of California receive a mail-in ballot even if they didn't
request one... and had the envelopes designed so you can see the vote without opening.
Now his activists are being caught using USPS master keys to OPEN mailboxes
sifting through the votes and only replacing (to be mailed in) the votes for Newsom.