Good Morning Coffee Friends...

This morning I looked over the news and oh, my heart is heavy.  Well, it's actually more of an anxious fluttering than heavy... it's both. 

So disappointed and sickened by the leadership of this county; Knew it was coming - saw it a mile away - as did many of us.  But when some big players, big money and big names are in bed with each other and controlling the government, media and coverage/information - this is a tough battle. 

It's only going to get tougher.

I'm feeling rather helpless in so many ways.  Anxious in others.  Pissed off in many.  Shocked in still more. Sickened. Frustrated. Fearful. Leary.  

The Afghanistan situation is heavy on my heart.  So heavy. 

I need to not type about that.  I find myself dragged down into the depths of frustration and anger.

My time is up anyway... my "last call" alarm has gone off.

Ponder over Coffee:  A university in Connecticut is taking away internet access to their students if they haven't received the experimental mRNA shot....

A university in Connecticut implemented a new policy requiring students to get vaccinated against COVID-19 or lose access to the school Wi-Fi network and face other penalties.

Quinnipiac University issued the new regulations to students via email explaining it will apply a weekly fee of up to $2,275 per semester for unvaccinated students, mandatory weekly COVID-19 tests and loss of access to campus network and WiFi.


With everything going on right now, this huge breach at T-Mobile isn't getting coverage it needs to.  The personal info INCLUDING SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS of more than 40 million people has been stolen from T-Mobile records.  T-Mobile recently took over Sprint.  I'm wondering if this includes all the Sprint customers as well. 

T-Mobile says data breach exposed personal data of more than 40 million people 

T-Mobile confirmed that the personal information of millions of current and prospective customers was compromised in a recent "highly sophisticated cyberattack."

Some of the data accessed by hackers includes first and last names, dates of birth, social security numbers, and drivers license or ID information.