Good Morning Coffee Friends...

There is a meme I just can't post.  I can't even scroll by it or see it without starting to cry (again).  It's a photo of some of the 200 service dogs in kennels that were left at the airport in Afghanistan as they were being loaded on the planes.  FuckedUp Joe didn't allow them on the planes. 

Now we have Americans LEFT by Joe.  We have Afghan who worked with the Americans LEFT by Joe to be hunted down and killed.  We have the US military service dogs to be tortured and killed by Taliban for fun.  (Did you see the images and video of the Taliban flying a helicopter with a body HUNG from it... for fun and intimidation?)  Another meme shot/video I CANNOT POST OR EVEN LOOK AT.

But once you see it, you can't ever UN-see it.  It's burned into my brain.

They've gone house to house and killed Afghans suspected or known to have worked for or with the US.  Little girls have been stolen for rape-brides.  Christians killed on the spot.  Mass murders already.  They went to the farmers and kicked the families off - then took them over.  They've also taken over the food markets and raised the prices so high that the food is unaffordable.  People are literally starting to starve already.  The farmers and Christians are told they have to fight for ISIS or they'll be killed - and they are.    All the information is there... the news stories, videos, photos.... it's all there.  But if you start to read the real news and see the real images, just remember; you can't un-see them.  And you can't go backwards in time. 



I know of a young man, healthy, who had to get the mRNA shot in order to save his job.  He got it 12 days ago.  He just died of blood clots.

Another person I know has Covid and went to urgent care to have their oxygen levels monitored as they couldn't get enough air to breathe comfortably.  The nurse asked if they were vaccinated?  They replied "nope".  She turned behind her, closed the door, and lowered her voice.  She said "Whatever you do, do not get it."   She said the nurses have seen it over and over again;  everyone and anyone may GET Covid but those who are dying from it are the ones who are vaccinated.  

She then told him she's worked as a nurse for 10 years and she's having lose her job in a couple weeks  because they are now mandating the 'vaccination' and she and her co-workers absolutely WILL NOT get that shot.    She said she's heartbroken to lose her job... but they can't make her get that shot.  She won't do it.

These are NURSES who have worked with Covid patients daily for 1 1/2 years.  Refusing the shot.  That should speak LOUDLY to you.