Hello Coffee Friends!

I'm sure my regular readers have noticed I've stopped most all chit-chat lately and can barely even get myself to post all.  Instead I've just put memes up.  They take the place of all the things I don't say.

Even when I have good intentions, I sit here and start to type and I find myself purging feelings and thoughts that most of us are having... angry, frustrated, hurt, scared, flabbergasted, weary, tired.  So, so tired.

I tend to rant and vent as I don't really voice all those frustrations anywhere else in 'real' life.  I've found when our conversations turn to topics like Biden/Harris, Democrats, Afghanistan, vaccine mandates, etc. we all just tend to get frustrated and talk in circles; saying the same thing over and over and asking each other "how is this!???"  

I have friends who are liberal democrats.  Heck, I have a few relatives who are Democrat.  We don't generally discuss politics or hot topics because that's not why we like each other.  We're friends and relatives on different levels - and I respect their rights and their opinions even if I don't agree.  Or I think they're stupid.  LOL. But I love them for who they are.  

I love them for everything else we have in common. 

But since I keep my mouth shut, I end up venting here on Coffee Talking... and I just got tired of saying "HOW?"  and "I TOLD YOU SO!" and "WHY DIDN'T YOU LISTEN?"  Ha ha.  So basically I stopped saying it.  I just put up memes sometimes instead.

I have some coffee talk venting about stupid local leadership I've almost posted a couple times... NOTHING TO DO WITH VACCINES, COVID OR POLITICS.  Just good old fashioned stupidity.  Perhaps I'll be in the mood to chat about some of that soon.  But again... typically I START to chat about a random topic but then ALL ROADS LEAD TO AFGHANISTAN, VACCINES AND BIDEN.

And then I delete the whole dang post and throw up a meme.