Hello Coffee Friends -

It's evening and no, I don't have coffee in hand, but I have my nightly "snowcone" of sorts.  I blend (crush, pulverize) ice in my Mr. Coffee Frappe' maker and add some SF flavored syrups (usually... ok, almost always... peach with a dash of strawberry).

Today a family friend with a 9 month old daughter was taking in her in to the doctor for a check-up.  However, her regular doctor was out so she had to go to another location and see a new doctor she's never met before.  The pediatrician was going through the normal 'blah blah' of a check-up when she said they would go ahead and check for Covid.

Wait... what?  

The Mom (family friend) was like, "Uh, why? We aren't here for that and she's not sick."
Pediatrician:  Oh, I know, but we're trying to test everyone for it.
The Mom (family friend):  But.... I don't have symptoms, my husband doesn't have symptoms and the baby doesn't have any symptoms.  
Pediatrician:  Oh, that doesn't matter!  We are just really pushing everyone to get tested no matter what, even if they aren't showing any symptoms.
The Mom (family friend):  No thanks.

The Mom opted NOT to let them run tests on her child.

There is absolutely no reason to be running Covid tests on every child coming in for a well-child check.  Well, unless you are just trying to get tons of money from the government and insurance companies for all the thousands of tests you are doing, and trying to push the propaganda for more 'cases' to garner more government money for that too.