I didn't see any mention of Elvis today... it was the anniversary of his death.

There are certain dates that people talk about and it comes about as a question of "So, what were you doing on...."

One that I used to hear adults ask each other when I was really young is "Where were you when you found out Elvis died?" 

Although I was too young to really care who he was, I certainly knew who he was from my Dad singing his songs, watching interviews of him on TV, and my Aunt had a crush on him and played his music and had pictures of him. 

What I knew about him is that he had a little girl named Lisa who was a little bit older than me, and I had seen a picture of her with her parents in a magazine that showed her bedroom and I was so jealous of a huge white bed she had and all the toys in the pictures!  I remember her more than her Dad... I wanted to be Lisa and have all those toys and that beautiful white bed in the picture.

I didn't even realize it was the anniversary of his death until late tonight.  An "oh yeah" moment.  And like an old person, I do recall where I was and what I was doing when I heard that Elvis had died.

One summer I was outside, and walking up my street to go home when suddenly the door of a neighbors house opened and the young boy who lived there (who was older than I was but he was probably only about 11 or 12 years old) yelled out to me, "Hey!  Elvis died!"

I went into my house and my Mom was crying... and she had the radio on, which played Elvis songs the rest of the day and night.

That's about all I remember... but I know she cried.

So that's where I was when I heard Elvis died... I was a little girl, playing outside and walking up the street to go home when a neighbor boy yelled it out his door. 


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