I'm supposed to be paying bills online and accomplishing a few other tasks but instead, I'm sipping hot coffee and researching better ways to make acorn flour and lists of what foods I need to get dehydrated over the next couple months. (And researching for another dehydrator now that I'm using mine so much. Mine is pretty old, was very, very cheap; and the plastic lid has cracked during the last use.)  I've got some errands to run today including groceries and household goods... but first, coffee.


So Obama and his celeb and political friends just pulled off another slap in the face of well, everyone.  Partying at his birthday party... while they are all gearing up to tell you to wear masks and don't gather in social groups.  Laughing their rich asses off at the Democratic sheep that follow.  Seriously people... wise up.



The media covering Obama's ass... hiding the truth of this sly fox like they always have.