Struggling in this Biden economy and it's only going to get worse. I've been considering food storage for Christmas gifts this year. How very Amish, right!?

Good Morning!

This morning I glanced over headline news, questioned silently in my head how those so called journalists sleep at night or live with themselves... and then took a big gulp of hot, strong, black coffee and moved on.  

No comment


Random Chit-Chat over Coffee:  Inflation is up another 7.8% last month.  Ouch.  You don't need to read the news to know that if you are the main grocery-shopper in your household.  Groceries are going sky-high. 

I know our young adult kids are struggling in this Biden economy and it's only going to get worse.  I've been considering food storage for their Christmas gifts this year.  How very Amish, right!?  Or Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon).  I'm not joking though.

Seriously, I've gifted them some freeze-dried food kits a couple times and it's saved their butts, and they were so thankful to have it!  My son existed on it in college a few times when I sent him some after finding out he was giving plasma to buy groceries and living on one package of Ramen noodles a day.  Another daughter used the food to feed her family when groceries were low and pay day was still a week away.  Another time she used the pasta meals and freeze dried peas to serve when they unexpected guests stay the weekend.  The Pasta Alfredo and the Lasagna meals were served and the guests raved about the meal, complimented her and had no idea it was food storage.  WHEW.

I'm a firm believer in a well stocked pantry, freezer and emergency stores.  I grew up in the heartland of America where we had tornadoes, floods, wind-storms, blizzards, white-outs, ice storms...  natural disasters that regularly caused our power to be out for up to a week at a time.  

My family always had a well stocked pantry, well stocked cupboards, fridge and freezer.  We had a wood burning stove for heat and cooking if needed.  We had lanterns for lighting and of course candles.  We often had a garden with fresh foods as well.  This is how I grew up, it's what I know and it's how I live my adult life now as well. 

While others spend money on clothing, expensive tennis shoes, the latest smartphones, getting their nails and hair done, new pretty cars and trucks and expensive house decor and remodels;  I prefer to live more simply and use our funds for more common sense items. 

Being self-reliant and prepared for the unexpected.  It's just who I am.

Ok... coffee chit chat over.  Time to get busy!  I have the house to myself today and all is quiet... I love it!


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