"Until you secure the border, I don't want to hear a blip about COVID from you!" - DeSantis tells it like it is to Dementia Joe



Ponder over coffee... since he took office he's continually let Covid-positive people not only walk through our open borders but has been putting them on planes and buses and dropping them off in cities around the country.  About a month ago there were interviews with some of the law-breakers themselves admitting they tested positive but were put through, put on a bus and given free reign in America without any follow-up.

This has been going on for 6 months already.

By not securing our borders, Biden has already committed treason.  Now it's not only not securing our borders from law-breakers but law-breakers that have not only the Covid-viruses, but are completely un-vaccinated as their own countries don't enforce the infant and childhood vaccinations America does routinely starting at birth.  

Ponder it all.   

Enjoy that morning coffee... if Biden continues his reign unhindered by common sense, you won't be finding coffee on the shelves - nor much of anything else as he runs this country into the ground.