20% West Bend 12 cup Stainless Steel Percolator Coffee Maker.........

This morning I saw the West Bend company is celebrating their 110th birthday by offering a 20% sale.  I don't really need any kitchen appliances at this moment but I went to their website to browse. I do have a few West Bend products and they've always worked well for me; I have a vintage slow-cooker of theirs that is about 33 years old that still works perfectly.

Although I don't need this... when I saw it, I was immediately transported in my memories to my Grandma's house.  She always brewed her coffee with a tall percolator style coffee maker.  That side of the family were big coffee drinkers - the stronger, blacker and hotter... the better.  I guess that is where I get it from!  The smell of coffee at Grandma's house was different from the smell of coffee brewed in a drip coffee maker or a single cup brewer like Keurig.  It was ... heavenly.

I was too little to care about drinking coffee at Grandma's, but later, as an adult, I bought a percolator style as my go-to for "camp coffee".  I use it camping, and brew it over a fire.  Fresh coffee first thing in the morning on a camping trip is always amazing but the taste of percolated coffee is just so, so good.

That is the background and reason for this post.  I saw this pot and I'm tempted to order one or one similar.  I thought I'd share it on coffeetalking.com since it's coffee related.

I don't own this one (yet?) and I'm not an affiliate of theirs or have any connection to them.  I'm just posting because if you are looking for a percolator, this one is affordable to start with, but even better with 20% off.  Code and link are below.



The classic West Bend 12 cup stainless steel percolator brings back the strong flavor and aroma of percolated coffee.

  • 2-12 Cup Capacity is perfect for serving one or many
  • Ready-to-serve indicator light
  • Keep Warm mode keeps coffee at the perfect serving temperature, automatically
  • Cord detaches for tabletop serving
  • Coffee level indicator on handle
  • Handle and base are heat-resistant
  • Stainless steel stem and basket
  • 950 watts
  • One year warranty

The code for their 20% sale through this weekend:  1TEN at the West Bend website:  Linked Here