During the night, Instagram wiped out the account of Just The Inserts.... who literally just posted the insert information direct from Pfizer and the FDA. Ponder that over your morning coffee.

Good Morning Coffee Friends!

Last night I woke around 1:30 am and after awhile, admitted to myself I wasn't going to be able to get back to sleep so I read my book for a little while and then grabbed my phone and surfed a bit.

When I scrolled through Instagram, I saw a screenshot post from someone letting people know that yet another Instagram account had been wiped out by uneducated sheep that work for Instagram/Facebook with the power to shut down accounts at their own personal preference.

It is SO HARD to find truth in any news sources or social media today... because the truth is being wiped out daily - and no, it's not a conspiracy theory - it's just straight facts.

Which is what the account I'm talking about was/is.

It's LITERALLY straight facts.   It's an account called "JustTheInserts" and that's what they do. 

They take the inserts from medications and vaccines and post them so people can actually read them.  

When you got your Covid vaccine, did you read the 20 page insert that comes with it?


So this site posts the pages from the inserts for educational purposes.  For informed consent. 

Here is a typical shot of what was on their Instagram account.....  taken directly from Pfizer, Biontech and the FDA government site.


Ponder this over your morning coffee....  any site, person, account or information that is telling the straight truth, trying to simply get information and facts to the people are being shut down DAILY.  That is why it's SO HARD to find real news, truth, real facts.  The lies are being copied and repeated over and over again so you'll stop looking for truth. 

Google and search engines that are wiping out search results so you don't see the truth unless you really start digging deeper - because they know the average person ISN'T going to do so.  They know people would put in a search query, glance over the first few returns, click on a couple, and think they have information or facts.  NOPE.  

Don't be stupid.
Don't be uneducated.

Do some research.
Dig a little.
Ask questions.

And when the truth - directly from the source - is removed, wiped out, covered up....  use your God given common sense to ask 'why?' and by whom?






 Sorry I'm late, my alarm didn't go off.  Because I didn't set it.  Because I don't like coming here.




Every celebrity, every athlete, every social justice warrior and every Biden voter is completely SILENT as Joe Biden fails at every level of his Presidency.