Good Morning Coffee Friends!

I'm planning out and prioritizing my tasks for the day but wanted to pop in for a minute with my coffee and a couple memes.

"I don't ask people about their vaccination status - mainly because it's none of my damn business." 

If you still hate Trump after 9 months of Biden, then you have a problem.

Oh the truth behind this one!
On a side note - daily, I glance over the news headlines and leads of some pretty big, major news outlets and you know what?  The past 9 months have been mostly crickets when it comes to Biden and Harris screw-ups and disasters but daily, they still find something, anything (even if it's fake and made up) to STILL complain about Donald Trump for!!!  
I'm like, SERIOUSLY!?  This world is fucking falling apart with BIDEN AND HARRIS LEADING THE PACK and you still can't get your personal vendetta against a past President out of your brain?  COVER THE MESS OF A DISASTER OUR CURRENT VP AND President ARE!!

This actually works!  Ha ha.  Brilliant my man, brilliant.
"My coworker said he doesn't ask his girlfriend where she wants to eat.  He just says "guess where we're going to eat!"  And the first thing she guesses is where they go.  Smart man."