Good Morning coffee friends....

My heart is heavy and my mind is full.  Yes, I just finished skimming through the morning news.  So surreal.  Corruption, lies, misinformation, treason, secret pacts, fraud, puppet-handlers, lack of integrity, double standards... and that's just the leadership of the country and military.  It's just getting so scary to be alive anymore.  No safety, no comfort, no trust.  Living in daily fear and anxiety is becoming the normal for all the good, average, everyday people.



Did you know the NIH has conceded it has no studies to show the safety of injecting aluminum adjutants into our tiny little babies in vaccines?

The NIH responded that "no records" were found to show a single safety tests to back
why babies are given thousands of micrograms of this toxic substance - known to cause cellular and neuronal death.  Meanwhile... babies are injected regularly from birth to age two with vaccines that include it.

Ponder this over morning coffee....

Because if this is found to be true, it would answer a LOT of questions about the people whose lungs are filling with fluid and dying of Covid - that have been treated (by a pushed 'standard protocal') by doctors....   

"... the symptoms of lungs filling with fluid and the other alleged Covid symptoms were actually side effects of kidney poisoning and other organ damage that are known side effects of Remdesivir.  This is the drug NIH recommended for treatment.... and may be killing people"  NOT the Covid virus.


It seems Fauci has been caught in SO MANY LIES and back-peddling, changing his views, advice, stories... and has admitted he has "no answers" as to why people with natural immunity, who have already had the virus and have antibodies, etc. should get a vaccine that is known to not help, and wanes after 1-2 months... he really doesn't seem very trustworthy at ALL and should have been replaced a year ago.