CoffeeTalking - just some memes this morning - smelly stickers, a fun dog, the first TED talk and more

 Banned sign in park of a very cool dog 

Good Morning Coffee Friends.... 
Officially I have today 'off' but I play catch-up on everything I can't get to during the week so it's a full day and will be met with about 2-3 cups of fresh, strong, hot coffee.  I'm working on my second now so I thought I'd come to CoffeeTalking and chat a bit.

I had seen this particular meme above a long time ago but had forgotten about it until I saw it posted on a social media site this week.  I chuckled.  I needed a chuckle.  Maybe you do too?


This leads to another meme I saw a couple weeks ago and wow...  FLASHBACK.  I hadn't thought of smelly stickers in years and like the meme, when I glanced over the various stickers I really COULD smell this picture!

Smelly stickers were HUGE when I was in 4th grade.  Mrs. K gave them out for 100% papers and we usually got to go up to her desk and choose one.  (Sometimes she put it on our paper when grading but I think she realized how important and special it was if we got to choose our own sticker.)

We really did choose a piece of paper to stick them to 'save' or 'collect' them.  Oh how we were jealous of the friends who got the 'good' smelly stickers.  To this day I can smell almost every one of these in the photo.

My favorite smelly sticker happens to be on the meme photo... bottom row, second from the right; the PEPPERMINT.  Oh my... it's been a few decades since 4th grade but I can still feel the texture, scratching it and exactly what it smelled like.  Memories can be a great thing.


Boy did THIS meme bring back memories!!!
I had forgotten how much it hurt and scratched my head when my Mom brushed my hair!
She would always pull my hair back in the front and on the sides and put it in a tight
pony on my head, and I'd have scratches from the bristles on my forehead, temples and ears!
I think I cried and screamed at 'time to brush your hair' so much she finally, for the most part, gave up by the time I was 6.  Ha ha.  After that I usually have my hair down in photos.


Another flash-back memory!
When it was cool (also around 3rd/4th grade) to smear Elmer's Glue on your
hand in a thin layer and then let it dry throughout class.
When it was completely dry we'd carefully pull it off in one huge chunk, and
using thin markers, draw scenes, cartoons and pictures on it.
(Gross now that I think about it)

The first TED talk... it was most excellent.



    Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

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