Good Morning Coffee Friends...

Yesterday I posted when the Democrats clapped and cheered when it was passed that women and doctors can kill a full term baby, right up to the moment before birth.   

Because the doctor can deem a woman's 'emotional' health is now a reason for an abortion, a full term, healthy, active baby can now be killed literally just before birth.

I couldn't stop thinking about those poor babies - feeling that pain - and ended up in tears.  

Later, I realized... many women have NO IDEA WHAT HAPPENS IN AN ABORTION.

No - really.

The clinic, nurses, doctors... no one tells them what happens, they just tell them they will 'take care of it' and such.  They use ambiguous words and don't go into details of what has to be done.

Do these young women (and even older women) realize that to 'take care of it', the baby has to be delivered?  And to do that, they shove a sharp instrument up (like scissors) and pierce the baby's skull.  They usually end up having to rip the arms and legs off the baby to get it out and it comes out in pieces.  

They dig around to make sure all the pieces of the baby (who was literally alive, kicking, hiccuping, moving, and sucking its thumb just minutes before) out because if they don't get all the pieces of the baby's body out, it can cause death in the mother.  Death in the mother would be terrible, but the death of the little one... not so much, right?

Well, anyway... I saw this person's post this morning and thought it would be good to ponder over coffee.


"I'm so embarrassed to be part of a generation that laughs when a baby is ripped limb from limb in the womb, yet cries when someone calls them the wrong pronoun."


40 week old, full term, healthy baby can be killed literally moments before birth now thanks to the Democrats