Gotta do grocery shopping this morning.... thanks to Biden I can barely afford it

Good Morning Coffee Friends...

Friday is my Saturday so I'm up early, I have coffee in hand and I'm getting ready to start the day.

I've spent the last hour trying to type out a Coffee Talking post but honestly I just delete them all. 

There is just so so so much to say... yet, nothing to say.  

We are living in surreal times. 

I find myself reading the news and looking at people as if they are aliens and wondering what planet they are from that have so little critical thinking skills.  So little common sense.  So little inclination to simply stop and think.  

This morning I have to do errands and some grocery shopping.  I've not gone grocery shopping in 3 weeks... during that time the prices of groceries have skyrocketed.  I'm going to be in a for a price-shock I'm sure.  The last time I went, I had an overwhelming feeling to forgo some of the items I had planned on getting in order to use that money to stock up on some freezer items like meat, chicken, seafood.  It will be interesting to see what the prices of those same items are today when I go. 

I tend to buy the same items every two weeks at the membership club so I know my purchases and the prices quite well.  For example, the same cut of salmon I was purchasing for $14 went up to $21 when I bought it 3 weeks ago.  The meat cuts I regularly buy that were $24 were up to $36 during my last trip 3 weeks ago.  Again... I'll see what they run today.   The broccoli I buy every single time (it's bagged, cut and a brand I like) went up $1.50 a bag.  I'll see what it is today.

The bacon doubled (literally) in price from what I was paying for it before Biden.  Double.  I haven't bought it in a few months; I just can't afford it.   Butter went sky-high and then came back down a little.  The package I buy for $7.98 was up to $12.  I think it's down to $9 now... I'll have to grab some for the freezer.  It always goes up a bit just before Thanksgiving and Christmas anyway but I'm sure I'm going to see it back up to $12 again soon.

I didn't mean to chit-chat over the price of groceries this morning... but it's better than getting frustrated posting about the state of our country and world right now.  

Either way, it's just the coffee talking again..........