You WILL get this Covid mRna shot!!!!  We demand it!

Having a lot of nurses in our family and circle of friends, I've been hearing first hand what Covid has been like for them over the past 18 months.

A couple of our family members work directly with Covid patients, another is critical care, two more are labor and delivery, another was a nursing supervisor for ICU who retired and now works as a school nurse.  Two others work with heart patients (although I'm not sure of the exact name/departments) and another is a traveling nurse. 

There is a reason nurses all over are opting to lose their jobs over mandatory mRna Covid shots.... they've seen it all for the past 18 months.  They know the truth.  When their hospitals start to talk mandatory shots to keep their jobs... they fight back.

Ponder that over your morning coffee.  

I've posted previously that my brother who lives 1000 miles away got Covid last month and he was concerned about his oxygen levels so he went to urgent care so they could check it out.  While he was in the back room doing the 'question' part of the visit by the nurse before being seen, she asked the standard "Have you received the Covid vaccination?"  He said firmly: nope. 

She glanced behind her to the hallway, she closed the door, and in a low voice told him not to get it.  He assured her he had no intention of getting it - he'd done too much research.   She agreed and told him point blank that what she and her coworkers are seeing is the people WITH the mRna shot are getting SICKER than the unvaccinated.  The ones with the shots are the ones ending up on ventilators. They are having heart issues, bleeding and hemorrhaging issues...   the unvaccinated may get Covid but they recover better.

She also admitted she was losing her job because her medical center was going to mandate the Covid shots and she would not consent to it... nor would most of her coworkers.  

THAT'S how strongly they (and nurses and doctors and first responders all over the country) feel that the shots are not safe.

They are willing to lose. their. jobs.



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