"You left us to be killed by the Taliban.........."

Taliban terrorists execute pregnant female police officer in her home,
in front of her family - and use screwdrivers to pick her brains

White House staffers have to mute Biden because they don't know what he's going to say...

Demi Lovato who has numerous mental problems,
now is telling teens to be a slut and make porn....

Biden... again.
This time the dementia brained old creep
tells union members "I'm supposed to stop, and walk out of the room"

Remember when Kamala Harris donated all that money to use for BAIL MONEY
for piece of shits in Minnesota???
Well know one of Kamalas guys has just been charged with murder.
Thanks Vice President Harris!

Obama is the piece of shit that never stops smelling....
Terrorists he released from Gitmo are now 'government commanders' for the Taliban
in Afghanistan.