Random Chit-Chat Over Coffee: Chigger bites in September? Deliveries before GPS and the internet - (Thomas Guides!)

Good Morning Coffee Friends!

Yesterday I was only outside for perhaps 5 minutes - I had walked up the hill behind my house near the woods to look at a flower that bloomed.  Apparently during that 5 minute walk to and from my house, some chiggers managed to find their way under the bottom edge of my leggings and make their way up to bite my legs and upper thighs.  Woke this morning itching stupid bug bites....

So while everyone else I know is attacked by chiggers all summer long, I get none but then I'm the one weirdo that gets bit by them in SEPTEMBER?  When I'm only outside for 5 minutes and wearing ankle-long leggings.


Today I'm expecting a delivery so I thought a few of the 'delivery' memes I had tucked away in my files would be fitting.


So far, my barking has saved mom from being murdered by 16 Amazon drivers, 8 mailmen, 3 UPS drivers and 1 sketchy looking plastic bag... and yet she remains ungrateful.


The fact that people used to deliver pizzas before GPS is so absurd to me. 
People were really calling up a pizzeria like,
"I want a large pizza delivered in 30 minutes.  I'm going to give you a house number and a random street name.  Good fucking luck."

On this same topic, I recall when we moved to Los Angeles when I was a teenager - prior to GPS systems, the first thing everyone told us was "Oh, make sure you buy a Thomas Guide!"  "Do you have a Thomas Guide yet?" "Dude, first thing - go buy a Thomas Guide!"   (Internet search for the Thomas Guide... for those who don't know.  A huge, thick book of street maps EVERYONE had in their cars to easily look up the address you needed.)

Considering the only time I go 'out' of my house anymore is do grocery and household shopping or walk to the front porch to get deliveries.......  pretty sure this is what my neighbors see as I emerge from my house to get the delivery... ha ha ha.

Not delivery related....

I swear, people at Starbucks just say randomish words...
"Lemme get a grande iced mocha no foam quad soy hexagon vortex hypotenuse."

I swear people at Starbucks just say randomish words:  "Lemme get a grande iced mocha no foam quad soy hexagon vortex hypotenuse."

Took me all day yesterday but finally finished!
A pallet I made from an old coffee table.



They still make them!  Thomas Guides for Los Angeles, San Diego, etc.

Thomas Guide Los Angeles County, 63rd Edition 

You can get this much cheaper at Walmart - but it's online as well.

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