The steps from reading a sci-fi book to finding an obscure old voice recording of an interview with a relative... funny how you find yourself falling down 'rabbit holes' on the net

Hey, good morning Coffee Friends!

I've already finished my coffee for this morning, time to get started on my day but I'm still prioritizing my tasks so I can procrastinate a few minutes more.

This weekend I found a historical site online that posted an old interview with one of my Uncles.  He was a history expert in his state and they had apparently interviewed him in 1993 and 1994.  A few years ago had made a page for him with podcasts of his interviews - although I didn't know of this and I am not sure anyone in our family knew.  I accidentally stumbled upon it - as one tends to do on the internet!  

Yesterday afternoon I had decided to read a book on my ereader. 

I wasn't really into the science fiction story I was reading, so I clicked over to some historical cookbooks on my ereader to browse instead. 

As I opened one of them, I started to read the first pages - where it lists publishing information, etc. (because yes, I am one of those people who loves to read the publishing information, the author information, etc.) and I saw it was published in 1918 and one of the people contributing was from an old magazine which I had never heard of.

So of course, I had to look up the magazine - which was being published about 100 years ago but not now.

Doing an internet search, I did find a reseller with a few old issues to sell.  I was not interested in buying them, but I did note the bookstore/vintage bookseller's contact information and the state they were located in.  The little city listed was on my personal radar because once when I was about 12 years old, my family was on vacation and I got strep throat and they had to take me to a doctor in that little city to get a shot of penicillin. 

Just for kicks I did an internet search for the seller's store name and that city/state.

One of the many returns on the internet search engine caught my eye as it was a historical site for the history of the state and had a large library of information.  I decided to go to their site to do a random search for the old magazine I had originally started to look up.

On their site, before I typed in my search, I glanced a little sidebar blurb about history in one of their many counties, and it rang a bell in my memory.  I had a great uncle who had wrote a history book about that county.

Instead of typing in the name of the historical magazine I had originally planned to search for, I typed in my uncles name.  Up popped returns and the first one I clicked on had a large photo of him and the journalist who interviewed him.

I smiled.  Yep, that's my Uncle. 

Better yet, a couple years ago they used his old interviews in a page they created on their historical site and included podcasts of two of his interviews.  

I clicked on them and a grin spread across my face.  His voice.  His particular way of speaking.  Some of the words he used that are particular to that side of the family... ahh, what a great find to stumble upon!

To hear his voice for the first time since 1997.  He had passed away about a year or two later.

I had no idea this interview even existed, and I'm not sure any of my relatives know either.  I let my parents and a brother who is also interested in history know.

So all because I laid down with a book to read, I ended up finding photos and voice recordings of a relative.  

Kind of neat how all that comes together.