Update to my "cost of groceries" post from this morning....... bacon was indeed up. $28 for the package.

Hello Coffee Friends....

I'm popping in online because I'm taking a mini break and letting the cheese sandwich I just ate do it's magic on my 'hungry headache'. 
Bulletproof Cold Brew Latte

I've only had coffee so far today (hot coffee for breakfast and a Bulletproof Cold Brew Latte when I got home from grocery shopping).  BTW - just FYI if you shake it up before you open it... prepare for it to explode.  LOL.  (I had NO idea....)

I am indeed done with my grocery trip to the membership club for our regular purchases... a little update to some of the topics I hit on briefly this morning before I left.

So... let's talk bacon first.
Yep.  $28.  For bacon.
No, I did not buy it. 

(Instead I opted to buy the 'real bacon pieces' which is cooked and crumbled, real bacon.   1 1/2 lb. package for about $9 and works for almost all instances where I want bacon.  I do have some in the freezer already for when I need a strip of bacon verses where crumbles will suffice.)

The cuts of beef (roasts) I mentioned this morning that were up to $36 last time, were right around $45+ now.  I found a package of double roasts that was originally $49.89 *gulp* but it was marked down to $39.66 because it was dated to expire this weekend.  It was perfectly colored though and looked great, and I was just planning to pop it into the freezer anyway so I did get some beef - although I would NOT have bought it at it's original $50 price.  Same packages I was buying for $26 not long ago.

Seafood has gone CRAZY in pricing so unfortunately those were all a strong "nope, not today".  All the fish, shrimp, crab cakes, crab legs were outrageously expensive today... I'm pretty sure my mouth dropped open as I stood there staring.  I am wondering if it's due to the issue of delivery?  Many of the things 'out' are due to trucking issues with drivers and outrageous covid shot mandates - being short on truckers and delivery drivers, perhaps that is effecting the cost of seafood too? 

The 2 lbs. crab legs package I often previously bought for $14 jumped to $22 last year during Covid shortages and today are $35.  The crab cakes I used to buy for $12.98 and still bought after they went up to $14.98 (for 6)  are now $18.  Nope. Nope. Nope.

Some of the signs stating "LIMIT - ONE"  were back up.  I was a bit surprised actually.  A limit of  one (1) for paper towels, toilet tissue, etc. were back up. 

I had some high dollar items in my cart (dog food - $45, paper towels, coffee k-cups, Lysol spray) so my total was the kind you hate to see when it's time to pay but... it is what it is. 

Now I no longer have a hunger-headache and it's time to get back to work.  Thanks for stopping by.
It's just the coffee talking again......

 Did you know a black man was taunted by a woman in a gorilla mask and had EGGS THROWN AT HIM and the main stream media that most of you willing swallow almost completely ignored it.
He is running for governor of California... but he's a Republican.
Apparently, since democrats turned to hate-filled, violent aggressors 4 years ago, it's TOTALLY OK with liberal Democrats, that a black man would have a gorilla mask wearing protestor attack him because he's a Republican.

Chicago public schools are giving 10 year olds access to condoms.
There is NO reason any 10 year old needs access to condoms.
Most normal, healthy, mentally stable and never-abused 10 year olds don't even really
know or care what a condom is used for yet.  (Nor should they).  They are CHILDREN.


Oh how I hate spinning the dial on my smartphone to get to my birth-year.
How did it get so far down the list?  ha!