What is Coffee Whitener? Ohhhhh........ of course!


As much as I love coffee and as many places as I've bought it, as well as the fact that I LOVE grocery shopping (the only kind of shopping I actually enjoy) I spend hours in grocery stores and there is a product I never heard mentioned (or have seen) until I saw someone mention it online this morning.

They had never heard/saw this product before either but were staying in a hotel (not in the United States) and their hotel room had a packet of "coffee whitener" in the room next to the little coffee maker.

I've never heard it called that before, but I looked it up and apparently it's basically the same thing as what most of us know as "coffee creamer" - like, Coffee Mate Powder Coffee Creamer.   

Ahhh.  Now that made sense.

Apparently in many areas (mostly Europe and some parts of Canada) they won't say it's a coffee creamer... as it has no cream in it. 

COFFEE MATE The Original Powder Coffee Creamer 11 oz. Canister  

We in the US often either just say "coffee mate" or if we are a little more precise, like using it in a recipe, we may call it a "non-dairy creamer" - and of course then we all know what it is we are talking about.  But if someone had told me "do you have a coffee whitener?"  I'd probably have said (prior to today) "Uh, do you mean creamer?  Half and half?  Or milk?"  

Because that would be an obvious guess - but seriously, to see literally just "coffee whitener" on a package to simply color your coffee white (?) seemed strange... at first. 

When I looked for a link for CoffeeMate, I also found a link for Amazon's version which was (is) as of this posting anyway, about 1/3 the cost. 


Amazon has their own brand that is really affordable.