The last time I legit bought a full set of silverware (or flatware, since it's not actually 'silver') was back in 2005 or 2006.  

We had the full service for 12 people so even with some getting mysteriously lost or bent or scratched up through the years of young children, teenagers, using our silverware as impromptu tools, etc. we've always had more than enough on hand even for dinner parties and guests, and we loved them.

The weight, the feel, the style, the size....


That's what this little post over morning coffee is about.


Seriously.  SUPER-sized, GIANT, huge, WIDE spoons for everyday cereal use.  The forks that are so long you would gouge your tonsils just putting them into your mouth.  The soup spoons?  I swear only Janis from Friends or a large man would have the mouth wide enough to USE these spoons.



Why has giant sized every day flatware become the 'thing' in the past 7 years or so?

It was about 4/5 years ago I started actively looking.  All the silverware and flatware had been super-sized to mouths that must be HUGE in order to use them!  

I recall holding up some to my own mouth to 'test' and I would have had to stretch my lips to splitting stage in order to use it.  The best most females would be able to do is sloppily slurp foods from the end of the spoon.

Fred Flintsone hands and mouths came to mind when viewing all the current flatware/silverware on the market.

And what about the children?  Please, think of the children! LOL

Sure, babies and toddlers have special spoons and forks to learn to use utensils but by the age of 2 or 3 they are using the family flatware and OH MY GOSH.  SERIOUSLY!???

They cannot wield these giant monster sized eating utensils.

It doesn't matter the brand... mikasa, oneida   or almost any brand you find is going to be HUGE.  Far to large for kids in any way, shape or form - far too large for most average sized females and far too large for even average sized males.

You might as well use a freakin' shovel to eat.  The regular spoons are LITERALLY THE SIZE OF A SERVING UTENSIL!

I was hopeful *IF* I waited a couple years that this fad of outrageously sized flatware would wane and normal, human sized flatware would again start to fill the shelves and the internet.


So in the end, needing to actually replace our flatware, and over-thinking, researching, studying, trying, looking, searching, reading reviews and looking at far too many images of flatware... I finally made a decision and ordered a 65 piece set this week - due to be delivered tomorrow.

... but I'm still keeping our current normal human sized set for use as well.  Especially for the kids ages 4-15 so they can at least USE eating utensils instead of huge, super-sized spoon shaped shovels and pitchforks for their cereal and macaroni.





 ... it's just the coffee talking again.