California passed a law that parents have to pay health insurance for their children even though they aren't allowed to know what the child had done... even modifying their sexual organs. At age 12.

Good Morning Coffee Friends!

I avoided the news this morning, but clicked on a few sites I read of personal blogs, etc. and one of them was chatting about a law that just passed in California... it's... insanity.

I'm quite flabbergasted as to how this even is remotely possible...  I just can't fathom how strange and surreal this world we are living in is.

This is sickening... literally.  

Ponder this over morning coffee.....


"On September 22, AB 1184, which was cosponsored by Planned Parenthood, became law. As the California Family Council explains, this diktat “prohibits insurance companies from revealing to the policyholder the ‘sensitive services’ of anyone on their policy, including minor children, even though the policy owner is financially responsible for the services.” The term “sensitive services” refers to all health care services related to mental or behavioral health, sexual and reproductive health, sexually transmitted infections, substance use disorder, gender affirming care, etc. The bill doesn’t detail the kindly sounding “gender affirming care,” but as defined by the University of California, San Francisco, it’s hormone therapy and a laundry list of surgeries including vaginectomy, scrotoplasty, voice modification, etc., ad nauseam.

And all these goodies start when the child is 12 years old! So, if your daughter, who is in 7th grade, wakes up one day and decides she rather be a boy, she can now act on it. She starts with puberty blockers, and uses your family insurance policy to pay for the services rendered. When the statement is sent to you, there is no explanation of any procedures she underwent. It’s a dirty little secret between your kid, her doctor and the insurance company. You, the parents, are reduced to insurance bill-paying bystanders."




Another weird shortage going on in this mucked up world of ours... I was on a food order site and saw this:

 Due to a national dry ice shortage frozen shipments may be delayed.